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Top Things to Buy in Jaipur : Best Shopping Places

Jaipur – city famous for its magnificent forts, architecture, temples, history and colors which attract millions of tourists from around the world. Apart from the historical Places , Jaipur is famous for its gems, jewelry, textiles,vibrant hand loom items,Bangles and colorful crafts. I have already written a Post on Places to visit in Jaipur in 3 days which include famous must see places of Jaipur like Amber fort, Nahargarh fort, City Palace, Jal Mahal which you shouldn’t miss. As Jaipur is famous for its vibrant colors and abundance of textiles, in this Post I am including top things to buy in Jaipur + Best Shopping Places in Jaipur.We Purchase souvenirs as a cultural heritage of Particular Country and as a memoir of our trip.

Amber fort Jaipur travel
Even forts are so Colorful!

Jaipur is home to many traditional arts, so when you go out for shopping, you may come with bag full items with vibrant colors and tradition. There are many famous markets in Jaipur and I am sharing the list of Best Shopping Places in Jaipur.

things to buy in Jaipur
colorful handbags of Jaipur

Gemstones and Kundan Jewelry:

Jaipur – famous for Gem stones and jewelry. It offers most attractive jewelry designs. Jaipur is hub for jewelry and tourists visiting Jaipur are seen buying the precious stones and jewelry.

Jaipur famous kundan jwelery

If you walk around the Hawa Mahal road through the lanes of Johari Bazaar, you can find many Gemstone Stores. You can purchase stone, kundan,silver or any kind of jewelry here.

As Jaipur is touristy Place, Purchase gemstones and Jwellery in Jaipur from reputable sellers only, check their reviews online and get the knowledge about semi precious/precious stones. You can easily be fooled in identifying real Gemstones. Also bargain hard because you may be quoted higher Price than the actual price.

Where to Buy: Johari Bazar, MI Road ,GEM Palace Jaipur on MI Road.

Jaipur Rugs and Carpets:

One of the famous things of Jaipur is its Rugs and Carpets. The royal charms of Havelis and Mansions are incomplete without flamboyant Rugs and Carpets on the floor. Carpet weaving is done in Jaipur since Mughal era and today hand woven wide variety of carpets are made with wool, silk, jute and several synthetic fibers. Today Jaipur’s colorful fabric fascinates people from all over the world!

Jaipur carpets

Carpets made of cotton are commonly known as ā€˜dhurries’. These are the most popular in the category of carpets as they are easy to maintain and exported worldwide. The multi color carpets remain in demand which is available in various sizes, styles and designs.

Where to Buy: Suruchi Carpet Amber Road, Jaipur Rugs Chaura Rasta, Vimla International Amber Road

Jaipuri Razai:

One of the Jaipur Shopping specialty is Jaipuri Razai. Jaipuri Razai is lightweight and soft cotton quilts that can be folded in a very small bundle and is the best thing to buy in Jaipur as a souvenir.

Best shopping Places in Jaipur

They come in colorful cotton fabric with cover and you can use it in Winter as well as summer. I loved their colors which are combination of blue,white and Pink.

Where to Buy: MI Road, Bapu Bazaar,Nehru Bazaar, Badi Chauper Market are best places to buy Jaipuri Razai in Jaipur.

Block Print Textiles:

Jaipur is famous for its best quality of fabrics. The fabrics are colorful in excellent quality. Block Printing is an art done on hand woven fabrics. The hand made wooden blocks with different designs are dipped in mineral based dyes and it is impressed on the fabric. Different colors and Patterns of blocks are used for it.

The block prints you can find on outfits, dresses, bed sheets ,duvets, cushions etc. Please beware of Machine Prints while you Purchase Block Print clothes – hand block Print stuff will show small imperfections and ink will bleed through the back which you can easily check.

Where to Buy: Sanganer and Bagru near Jaipur are hubs for Hand Block Printing in Jaipur and they are best places to visit in Jaipur for shopping . They also offer workshops on Block Prints.But if you wish to do shopping in Jaipur city, Bapu Bazaar offers good variety at reasonable rates .

Jaipur Blue Pottery:

Jaipur Blue Pottery
Jaipur Blue Pottery

Jaipur Blue Pottery is actually an art form of Persia which was brought here many years ago. There are few Blue Pottery workshops in Jaipur where you can find high quality Jaipur Blue Pottery. The eye catching Cobalt blue dye is used to color the pottery. No clay is used but dough is prepared using quartz Powder,fuller’s earth and powdered glass etc and then low fired; which makes it fragile.

Blue Pottery Jaipur Magnets
Blue Pottery Magnets and tiles

You can buy the magnets, vases,coasters, Plates, jars, jewelry, pots, knobs, soap cases etc in combination of Blue, white and yellow colors. I bought earring and magnets as Jaipur special items from Jaipur Blue Pottery center.

Where to Buy: Jaipur Blue Pottery Center Amber Road, Neerja Blue Pottery Center Gopalpura Road, Kripal Kumbh are few of Shopping Places in Jaipur City for exclusive Jaipur Pottery Purchase.

Leheriya Saree/Duppatta:

Jaipur offers best colorful fabric and designs with intricate Patterns. Lehriya means ‘Lehar(wave)’. You can easily spot women wearing Leheriya saree in Rajasthan and parts of Gujarat. Leheriya Pattern is widely used in Sarees and dupattas in Jaipur. This wavy pattern is made with bright colors which is one of the best things to buy in Jaipur.

Jaipur shopping markets
Wavy Leheriya Saree

The layering and patterns of Leheriya makes it everyday wear and being lightweight makes it vibrant in any season of the year. If you are visiting Jaipur, flaunt yourself with Leheriya Patterns which come in all forms ranging from saree,dupatta, Scarfs, safas, paghadi, suits, Puppets and what not.

Where to Buy: You can buy at famous Shopping Places in Jaipur like Johari Bazaar, Bapu Bazaar and Kishanpole Bazaar.

Bandhej/Bandhani :

Johari Bazar Jaipur Bandhej dress
Jaipur Bhandhej Dresses/sarees

Jaipur Shopping guide is incomplete without mentioning about ‘Bandhej‘ for which Rajasthan and Jaipur famous for. Bandhej is made with tie and die art. A number of knots are made with thread on the clothes to be dyed.The knots are opened after dying results into beautiful Pattern.

Bhandhej shopping in Jaipur
Bhandhej Saree

Variety of Patterns of circles, dots, waves are achieved by tying the threads in different ways on the fabric. You will love the colorful and attractive designed dupattas, scarfs and sarees. Pick you choice of Colors and Patterns of Bandhej as one of the best things to buy in Jaipur.

Where to Buy: You can find it at any of best shops in Baapu Bazaar, Johari Bazaar.

Maharani Saree and Gottapatti work Lehanga:

One of the special characteristics of Rajasthani saree is its multi colored fabric and vibrant colors which are perfect for all occasions.Jaipur is famous for its unique and traditional saree type – Maharani Saree. It is mostly kind of silk saree but it is said to be worn by Royal women.The Patterns include elephants,horses and incidents from the Rajputana culture of bygone era.

If you are visiting Rajasthan and confused what to wear during your Jaipur trip, must buy GottaPatti work Lehanga from Jaipur. Gota patti work is a type of Indian embroidery that originated in Rajasthan. The work involves the applique technique, small pieces of zari ribbon are applied onto the fabric with the edges sewn down to create elaborate patterns. You can find Lehangas, Sarees and Dupattas of many colors with this unique work and it is must buy things in Jaipur. I bought both of these as souvenirs from Jaipur.

Colorful footwear/ Mojaris:

One thing which you can’t resist to buy is Jaipur Special Mojaris. Rajasthan foot wear is also colorful apart from its textiles and crafts.The colorful Mojaris in Jaipur are full of colors and embroidered. The colorful Mojaris wear buy both men and women in Rajasthan and it is very comfortable footwear.

colorful Jaipur Jootis
Picture credit: Jaipurthroughmylens

Mojari is traditional Rajasthani footwear and comes in many designs and colors, sometimes you may be confused which one to choose from many. A wide variety of Colors and designs of Mojaris and footwear are available in Jaipur, one of the biggest Jaipur shopping experiences.

Where to Buy: MI Road, Bapu Bazaar, Neharu Bazaar are top market Places in Jaipur to buy footwear.

Lac Bangles:

best things to buy in Jaipur

Bangles are integral Part of Indian girls and women accessories. India’s every state has unique method of traditional style of Bangles Making. Hyderabad has ornate Lac Bangles while Jaipur has Kundan work on them which makes it specialty of Jaipur in Shopping.

Lac is natural Rasin and considered auspicious wearing for married women in India.You can get various colors, designs and sizes with works on them. Colorful beads, mirrors and decorative items are used to make it colorful and attractive. One can buy according to their choice. You can see many artisans making Lac Bangles at Maniharon ka Rasta in Jaipur.

Where to Buy: You can find Lac Bangles at any Jaipur Market. But for wide variety of ranges, visit Bapu Bazaar and Tripolia Bazaar.

Hand Made Paper Stationaries:

If you don’t know, Jaipur is famous for its Hand made Paper. You can find wide variety of Papers and books at affordable Prices. If you are stationary lover like me, hand made stationary items are best things to buy in Jaipur. I purchased diary as a souvenir.

Where to Buy: Chaura Rasta near Jantar Mantar which is one of the cheap shopping Places in Jaipur.

Miniature Paintings:

Rajasthan is one of the Pioneer of Miniature Paintings in India and that flourished in the Royal courts of Rajputanas. These Paintings mainly depict scenes from Mahabharat, Ramayana, Hindu mythology, deities and incidents of life of Royals.

Jaipur Miniature Paintings

These Paintings were done on the walls of Palaces, inner chambers of forts, Havelis and in the Havelis of Shekhawati. You can buy small Painting to beautify your home. These Paintings are available at affordable rates, so don’t forget to buy as one of the Jaipur famous things.

Where to Buy: You can buy beautiful Paintings at most of the markets in Jaipur.

Imitation Jewelry:

Jaipur Shopping is incomplete without mentioning about its scenes of Imitation Jewelry. Everyone don’t like to splurge on real Gold OR Precious gemstone jewelry! The better option is to go for cheapest use and throw kind jewelry.

Jaipur souvenirs Jwelery

In Jaipur, you can find Meenakari, Kundan, Pearls and any kind of Jewelry you can think of! Most of the famous Shopping Places in Jaipur sells Bangles, Bridal jewelry, earrings, Pandent sets, anklets, hair accessories etc.

Where to Buy: One of the Best Places to Shop imitation jewelry is Bapu Bazaar and Gourav Tower Market.

Jaipuri Handicraft Items:

Jaipur Handicraft items

As I said Shopping in Jaipur is like walking through arrays of colors, there are many handicraft items are available in Jaipur to take home as a souvenir. You can buy Hand loom items, Purses, Bed sheets, Clothes, Cushion Covers or anything which are adorned with embroideries,mirror work, Patch work ,thread work or bead work. It serves as a best souvenir from Jaipur.

Where to Buy: You can get it at best Market in Jaipur – Bapu Bazaar and ChandPole Bazaar which are cheap shopping Places in Jaipur.

Wherever you go in Jaipur, you will come across only colors! This may make you confused to choose not only one but so many things to buy in Jaipur from many shopping Places in Jaipur!

Colors of textile in Jaipur!

Jaipur Shopping Tips:

Jaipur shopping items
famous items of Jaipur
  • Jaipur is tourist hub and you may be quoted higher Prices than its normal Price, so Bargain hard before you buy anything.
  • If you are a foreigner, it may be difficult for you to ask the Prices in Hindi but most of the shop owners understand English very well.
  • Go for shopping in early Morning when Markets are just about to stir with some actions, this time many shop owners will give you discount as you are the first customer to them. It makes a good start of the day for shop owners.
  • Jaipur is famous for touts and Scams. If your driver, Rickshaw driver or guide may take you at any Particular shop, you can Politely deny for that. Use your own preferred Shopping Places in Jaipur.
  • There are many duplicate items that sell in Jaipur and if you don’t want to fall in any trap, still want to buy authentic items, head to any Government authorized shops in Jaipur. Few of them are Rajasthali Handicraft Emporium near Ajmeri Gate, MI Road and other one Rajasthali Textile Development Corporation on Amber Road.

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  1. I love shopping in Jaipur, especially leheriya and gottapatti work kurtis. I took a wrong turn while walking and ended up in a street which sold only wedding outfits, which was so cool! It is gem for jewellery too. Lovely compilation.

  2. I always loved the jewelry and handicrafts from Jaipur. I would love to visit someday and get some of those beautiful blue pottery.

  3. I could go for about 10 pairs of the colourful footwear! Those are so so cute! So many great items to buy and for a decent price, too. I like jewellery myself šŸ™‚

  4. That’s a great list n I wanna buy all of them when I visit Jaipur..the blue pottery is amazing

  5. I didn’t know that Jaipur is also famous for its rugs and carpet … Infact like I said I have a long list of stuff I need to buy from there . Did u get good lehariya dupatta ..I mean the bandhani ones .. I so want to buy them. The colourful saree just allures me. Miniature painting also the ones i may like to pick up when there. Need to plan soon .

  6. Shopping can be so much fun in Jaipur, I’m obsessed with all the colors! I would love to buy a Maharani Saree, looks so unique!

  7. I love Jaipur and I remember I brought back so many bangles and colorful scarves. Beautiful, beautiful place šŸ™‚

  8. I’ve never been to Jaipur but it’d be so cool to visit/explore someday! I love how colorful everything is and that pottery is absolutely beautiful!

  9. Jaipur is definitely on the cards for me. I will save this post so I can use it to buy all these things when I visit there. A great detailed post.

  10. Thank you for this very informative post! I was supposed to go to India earlier this year. Never made it.

  11. There is no doubt in my mind that if there is a city in this world which made me go mad in my buying spree, it was Jaipur. I used to stay in Delhi and had just shifted and when I came back after the trip almost 90% of decorative articles were from Jaipur. Carpets, paintings, brass decoratives, cushion covers, bags and bangles for my wife and relatives,quilts and more. My wife had to literally pull me out from stores. So you can imagine my happiness going through your posts and the beautiful articles you have showcased here.Thanks for making me nostalgic.

  12. I like the idea of the wooden blocks as souvenirs. They’re small to transport and are lovely reminders of your travels, and can be really useful for creative projects once we’re back home.

  13. Jaipur is a shoppers paradise!! I absolutely love the kundan pieces from there, they are some of my favorite possessions. Even the colorful mojaris are so pretty, and seeing them on here reminded me of shopping for those post all the lockdown. Can’t leave out the jhumkas, stunning! I have two pairs from Jaipur and waiting to wear them out again šŸ™‚

  14. Iā€™m loving everything on the list here. I will be spending hours shopping when I visit Jaipur. I love my blink so I will spend a long time at Johari Bazaar looking for Gemstones. Thanks for the tip about buying real Gemstones. It is useful to know that checking their store reviews online is key.

  15. Jaipur not only has beautiful places to visit, and delicious foods to eat, but also a lot of stuff to shop. Your blog just proved it right. I am going crazy for the Maharani lehengas with majoris and the lac bangles – already imagining myself in them. Thanking for compiling all these together.

  16. Your colorful post is making me tempt to right now book the tickets and do all those shopping as I love Rajasthani stuff. From fabrics to home decor, Jaipur is heaven for shoppers. I would love to buy those wooden blocks to print the fabric as I love some printing on my canvas too. Not only this, I would splurge myself in buying those gemstones jewelry and Bandhani prints. I hope you would bought many things back from this trip.

  17. What a colorful post! You just made me miss shopping in Jaipur. Bandhini, Bangles, earrings, Jaipuri Razai, blue pottery, mojaris, literally there is so much. And its so much fun to just walk around the markets. I am glad you tried your hands at block printing.

  18. Omg, there are so many things to buy in Jaipur! If you leave me in the market with sufficient amount of money, I would probably go crazy. Last time I was in Jaipur for a day, I bought myself some lovely Meenakari earrings and a razai. I love Bandhej worked dupattas and have a collection of them. I am just waiting to go back to Jaipur to buy a set of blue pottery and another set of bandhani dupattas!

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