Hello!! Everyone!! Welcome to Fernwehrahee Blog and thank you to read about me.

“The most dangerous risk of All – The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to Do it later.”

Who Am I?

I am Mayuri, Born and brought up in India in a typical middle-class family. But now destiny took me to another country and I moved to the United States in December 2022. Before moving to the states, I was working as a full-time engineer at Gujarat Electricity Board (Electricity Utility Company) in India. My family defines me as a travelholic as I always think and dream about travel and find chances to travel.

I was never a wayfarer; I didn’t take any trips until I was 23 years old, never hopped on a flight till I was 25 years old! After coming back from my first trip to Rajasthan, India in 2011, I fell in love with traveling. Then gradually my trips to different places in India converted to lust and passion and became a tourist to a traveler. In the past few years, my journey took me to numerous destinations around India and abroad.

I worked in a corporate job for almost 14 years. My husband was living in the USA and I was living in India due to our career and job prospects. We lived in a long-distance relationship for almost 5 years! So after thinking a lot, we decided to move to the United States. I left my corporate job in India in November 2022 and now living in the United States with my husband.

You can read how I met my husband during the coronavirus Pandemic and worldwide lockdown here. It was so much stressful period for me!

I am in Las vegas!!

I started this Blog in 2017, to share my travel experiences with the help of my husband. I was maintaining it with my job. I love clicking photographs, capturing local essence, devouring different food, and sharing information with others. Anytime, any day I love discussing travels!

But eventually, a travel blog is about more than a full-time job! yes, you heard it right, It’s a lot of work!! It was hard for me to maintain my blog and a full-time demanding corporate job in addition to living apart from my husband.

So, now as I left my full-time job, I decided to become a content creator and travel blogger as my full-time career! Many people advised me not to leave my job but living in a long-distance relationship was not for me! Today, I am happy and not afraid of taking risks or having fear of the unknown. I feel grateful and more confident than ever. If life demands, maybe I will get back to my job but till then I am taking a career break and writing for my baby blog full-time.

What is the meaning of my blog??

Fernweh‘ is a German word that means “one feels sick when at home too long” and ‘Rahee’ is a Hindi name that means ‘”Traveler”

About Fernwehrahee:-

My travel style is affordable luxury type. I call myself a travel and lifestyle blogger. I love to explore famous tourist places (bucket list items) and some offbeat routes to little quiet towns (I hate Crowd). I love easy travel hikes and spending my time in the mountains. I also love to get tanned on sandy beaches, Star gazing, get lost in quiet streets, pluck farm fresh fruits, and click loads of photographs. I can walk for miles for the best Sunrise and sunset views. I have a long travel bucket list !!

Read a few of my curated Travel Guides:

I really hope that my story will inspire you not only to travel more but to dare to dream bigger and live your life to the fullest. Believe me, if I can do it, you can do it as well!

Never forget the world is yours to discover and travel if you wish to do so. Keep traveling, keep learning, and keep living!!