In 2017, I jumped into the world of Travel Blogging. It took me so many years to learn about all the strategies of the blogging world! Earlier, I couldn’t focus due to my full-time job and it was just a kind of journal of my travels! I had no idea about terms of the blogging world like SEO, Pinterest, or even the algorithm of Instagram!

It took me time to understand the whole new terms of blogging! I made many mistakes on the way and learned from them! On this Page, I am sharing my Blogging tools which may help you if you are starting as a new blogger.

Blogging Tools

Here is the list of Blogging tools I use to run this blog. This is my WordPress site and maybe a few of it can be used on other platforms too!

Blog Hosting

Assuming you want to develop a WordPress website, you need it to be hosted on a server i.e internet. The blog hosting service provides web server space for your blog on the internet. This service stores your blog’s files, data, and website code in a server that allows your site to be accessed by anyone and from anywhere in the world.

The cost of hosting depends on many factors but I recommend Bigscoots, Siteground, or Namehero for better hosting services.

When I started blogging, I was with Bigrocks but now I switched to HostArmada and they are best with their services.

Website Theme

I highly recommend designing your website as user-friendly as possible. I was with a basic WordPress theme since I started my blog! I didn’t care to change it after a few years to save money! But don’t do this mistake if you’re starting a new blog because the Theme is of utmost importance for your speed and design of the blog!

I am now with Kedance Theme and quite happy with it. It’s quite lightweight and has amazing design options which make it more user-friendly!

Website SEO

I made a huge mistake when I started my blog- not focusing on SEO! If you are writing articles that people are not searching on the internet is a waste of your time and energy! I recommend learning it from day 1 before you start your blogging journey!

To understand what people are searching on internet and what their problems are, I use research tools like Keysearch.

Keysearch is my go-to tool to find my all SEO research. It’s very accurate and helps me to find keywords for my posts.

Other Blogging Tools I use:

Here are some other travel blogging tips & tools you should check out for your travel blog.

Email Marketing: I am using Mailerlite for my email subscription.

Pinterest Designs: I use Canva and Adobe Express for creating all my infographics and Pinterest Pins. It’s super easy and has lots of templates to choose from. They both have so many stock photos in their library. It comes with free and paid versions. You can use either according to your need. I use their free versions.

Blogging Courses: If you think Travel Blogging is not about investing in yourself, it’s a huge mistake! I recommend investing in SEO courses or ebooks whichever suits you! I took courses from Make Traffic Happen (unfortunately they closed their website) and it was the best one to understand the SEO. I am looking to invest more in courses this year as I am trying to grow this blog as treating the blog as a business now!

Affiliate Networks:

Another great way to earn is through Affiliate networks. Some networks to check out are Amazon Associates | | Travelpayouts| Skim Links | Stay22 etc. You can sign up the affiliate networks as per your audience requirements.