My first post: About Me and My New Blog

Fernwehrahee– my blog just appeared few days ago only. I have never thought of opening my own blog and becoming travel blogger, it just happened accidental and now I am trying my hands on travel writing. I am feeling excited for my whole new journey as blogger. In my family and around, far away nobody is writer or blogger or nobody ever know about it, may be people will ask me what the travel blog is? I am going to give my first blog post about me in details and about this blog.

Beautiful Nainital Town overlooking Naini lake

Some Facts about Me:

  1. My name is Mayuri Patel, 29 years old, currently living in Surat, Gujarat state, India. I am coming from typical traditional Gujarati community where girls are not allowed going alone anywhere after an evening but my parents are exceptional, a big gratitude to them for raising me differently. I am an electrical engineer, serving as a junior engineer in a government concern.
  2. I am married and just completed 9 months of my happy married life.
  3. My family and friends say that I am a very ambitious person, but I admit that without ambitions and wishes there is no thrills in life.
  4. I am trying to be better and better in my life. I always hear my heart and am sensitive by nature.
  5. I have long bucket list in life which contains personnel goals, professional goals, travel goals and so on. I will share this list very soon.
  6. I don’t like watching movies frequently. Even now a days I hate watching TV shows on daily basis except few travel shows on my favourite Travel XP channel.
  7. I love listening Hindi songs and soft music.
  8. I am fond of reading books or any reading material when I am bored.
  9. I am a spiritual person and love Master Osho and Buddhism, though my family traditionally follow other religion.
  10. My dream is to travel around the world by visiting every continent on the earth.
Naini Lake Boat ride

Reasons to travel more n more:

  1. To experience different cultures and meet different people from every corner of the world. I want to experience how much similarity exist in the world.
  2. To live out of my comfort zone and experience life as it comes. I want to conquer my fears.
  3. I am amateur photographer and want to improve my photography skills.
  4. Want to learn to say ‘Yes” to everything be it favourable situation or unfavourable.
  5. I want to travel in every corner of the world, at this moment this thought terrifies me and I am unsure whether I can do it or not. I want to throw away this negativity from me and want to be more positive in my life so that I don’t have any regrets in my old age.
  6. I want to travel more in my early age, as I think after getting older, it would not be possible for me to travel as in this age. I want to take lessons from my parents in this regard.
  7. I want to inspire my girly friends who always say ‘you are lucky’, ‘you are enjoying’ etc. I want to show them that they also can experience the same. It’s possible for them also.

My Blog:

I already said, this blog happened to be accidentally. Fernwehrahee is going to contain details of travel destinations, my travel experiences and my thoughts. I also want to include tips and reviews which can help other travelers. I owe a positive attitude towards this blog and me as a new blogger/writer in this journey. Hope to have success towards my aim.



Mayuri AKA Fernwehrahee

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