Revisiting Rajasthan: Great Start of My Year 2017

I visited Rajasthan back in 2011, when I got Confirmation letter as permanent Junior Engineer. At that time, I was in need of a break. It is not like I never stepped out from my city except nearby cities where my relative’s lives but travel was whole new experience at that time.

It was like; I started earning more from my job and was really in need of holidays. I was also just like other tourists, a child like wander. After returning from that trip I relooked at myself, what I have experienced and what I am actually and what really I want. From that year onwards I didn’t look back and promised myself to go somewhere new places whenever I can. From year by year, I was craving for more and more.

From there I have started my whole new journey and now after had been to different parts in India, my lust and passion for travel gets increased and now started my own blog. I never thought of opening this blog, this happened eventually or can say accidently. Now In this year 2017, I have planned my travel well in advance. As I cannot waste any of my leaves unused in this year, I am eligible for 12 casual leaves in a calendar year which I can combine with 2nd & 4th Saturday/Sunday plus Govt holidays. Lot of websites listed travel calendar for this year, you can take a look and plan for yourself.

This starting year, I have again planned visiting Rajasthan and eventually my launching of my website also happened to start this year. This means a lot for me as same state has been encountered during my both journeys (former as tourist and later as traveller).Thanks to my husband who is also joining my journey. Stay tuned for my journey onwards.

This year I have decided to explore more and more of India. I have promised myself that at the age of 30 years, I will step out my footstep in another country (though it’s late to go out I know) and this year my dream will come true. This year I am also laying a foundation of my new journey as a blogger.

Let’s see how I will be successful in new journey.

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