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How to Travel More With Full Time Job

The topic of the blog post is quite interesting. Isn’t It? I daily come up across so many blog posts about how to quit your Full time Job for travel and I read blogs of so many travel bloggers who quit their jobs for travel and become Digital Nomad.That sounds cool. Isn’t it?

I am thinking If everyone will start quitting their Full time Job for travel, who will work in different companies? Who will do the work as an engineer, as a doctor, as a worker?? [Just questioning]

There are so many people who dreams to travel full time, but they are unable to or unwilling to take this route; may be issues or family reason or whatever may be. I am not against those people who quit their Full time Job for travel, but I know life of full time travel is not my cup of tea. I don’t travel for months, as I can’t stand on road for more than 3-4 weeks. I love coming back to home, I appreciate my life more after returning every trip, I feel immensely blessed.

Anyways, coming back to the topic. There are so many people who usually tell me you travel a lot, you are almost using your salary for travel and so on..Also few people argues that we don’t have time,we cannot afford it etc etc. I am also not coming from rich family nor I am born with silver spoon in my mouth. I am a simple girl who works hard to earn money and part of it uses for travel and you also can do it.

I am a travel blogger, whenever I don’t travel, I write about my travel experiences, makes plan about my next travel and reads the other blog posts which motivates me to keep going on. I am like Part time traveller.

Here are few Tips which I use in my travel:

Plan the Travels Well in Advance

travel more with Full time Job                    Pic Credit: Pixa bay

I make list of places I want to visit during the year and prioritize where I want to go first. Accordingly, in the starting of every year, I look at the calendar and observe how many holidays and long weekends in hand. If holidays are less, combine the weekends with taking 1-2 days extra leaves. In the weekend you can explore nearby regions which can be covered in 2-3 days.

I am getting almost 30 Earned leaves and 12 Casual leaves in a year. I use my Paid leaves for long travel and few casual leaves combined with holidays/weekends for short trips. This way I can travel to far away and to nearby places. This year I travelled to Bhutan, Gangtok and Darjeeling for 15 days by taking paid leaves. I went to Jaipur in weekends with extra leave.

India observes so many colorful festivals; you can travel to some exotic places during that period and can witness the festival also.

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Travel on Budget

travel on budget with Full time Job                 Pic Credit: Pixa bay

After getting leaves, next task is to plan about sights to visit, things to do and other activities to observe. There are so many online portals available for research about must see places and what you can do in limited time period. GOOGLE is your best friend in this case. After gathering necessary information, book the accommodation well in advance. Accommodation and transportation is the main costs that incurs during travel. There are so many options available for stay from lodges/hostels/hotels to travel on budget. Do research in advance and book according to your budget. There may be discount deals also available on advance booking.

I am not backpacker but I like to travel with some comfort. I also hate crowds. In major cases, I love to travel in shoulder season/off season. This way I can save on accommodation and enjoy the perks of not so many people around. I know this is not always possible to travel in off season, but you can try once or twice in year.

Travel like a Local:

Travel like a local                   Pic Credit: Pixa bay

During travel to any places, use public transportation as used by locals. That may be time consuming sometimes but it is worth it; you can meet so many amazing people and can get idea about the place. If you wish to hire a private taxi, use it for sightseeing purpose and use local transportation [bus, shared cabs] for point to point transfer. It is always good idea to behave like local. Do whatever locals do.

Maintain firm relation with your Boss:

Maintain firm relation with your Boss:                   Pic Credit: Pixa bay

This is very important aspect in Professional career life as well as in Travel. In my office my boss always comments you travel a lot. It is a good sign; it indicates he is well aware about your passion. I know getting leave is a tough task, but keeping the Boss on your side is utmost important. I always try to finish my works in time and don’t ever say “NO” to him. I sometimes work on holidays/Sunday or few extra hours in a day. This way you can demand Work-Off days which you can utilize later during your travel. Being attentive towards your work may not create any problems in taking leaves for travel.

Keep your family on your side:

As a traveler, it is important your family, your spouse understand you passion for travelling. I know, so many women juggle up between travel, personal and professional life. They always argue how to travel leaving the family behind or how to balance family life and travelling life. I know it is not easy, but it’s doable. I travel with my spouse whenever we get some time together or else I make my way at my own for rest of time. It is the family that motivates me and keeps me moving forward always.

If it is useful to you, please comment in the box..Happy Travelling cheers 🙂

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  1. This is a post for which every working travel lover must b waiting for, would love to share this with my traveler friends who are into a full time job. Appreciate your idea Mayuri 🙂 Keep writing such great articles 🙂

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