reflections on year 2020- lessons learned

Reflecting on 2020: Lessons Learned So Far

Every Year in advance I write my Bucketlist- travel or anything I want to achieve in next year. My year started on a good note and I could manage travel to Jaipur and Varanasi during the early start of 2020. I had plans to cover a bit of the USA where my husband is living and I was so much excited to visit him in March 2020. But as the Pandemic hit the world, the life of everyone changed. Many families got separated in lockdown, still, most of the country’s borders are closed, many lost jobs and we all know how 2020 passed! No doubt each year brings its own set of blessings, challenges, and lessons to learn but It has been a hell of a ride through this year and all have Lessons learned in 2020.

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This year is about to end, I thought to pen down my experiences and lessons through this roller coaster ride called life! I usually don’t share personal Posts on this Blog but this year I made an exception and I wanted to journal my experiences. I am living in a long-distance relationship with my husband who is in the USA. There were so many ups and downs this year. I strongly believe that ‘Life must go on’, no matter what happens in life or in the world! No matter what life throws at us, it must go on. We all wanted that this year ends soon and hope 2021 will be the year of new hope with a more balanced life.

Lessons I have Learned So Far This Year:

Lessons learned in 2020-Surviving through the COVID-19:

We all are living during the Pandemic and surviving this virus thing since March 2020. Many people got it and survived, few people lost their family member to COVID-19 and all of us are living under the fear of it. Who knew, this small virus that was nowhere in the world can change our life’s in a matter of a few months! The Mask and Hand Washing are Part of our life now!

Surely nothing is in our control. We set goals every year and we try hard to fulfill them but this year is a bit different and it is teaching the lesson of Uncertainty. We can’t take control of things but we can control the outcome and this is why we need to accept that we have to live with the virus and uncertainty. But after all, I am very grateful to God that I am surviving through this Pandemic. I am alive and my family is doing well that is the only important thing in life at the moment.

Lessons learned in 2020-Have Patience and Be Optimistic:

Lessons learned in 2020

In my younger years, I was so much a frustrating girl but with time and age, I developed my maturity and accepted that few things take time. When I couldn’t travel to meet my husband in March-2020, I was again anxious and angry. I got emotional many times, it was one year I hadn’t see my husband but I also knew nothing was in my hand. This situation taught me to be calm and have patience when the situation is not in your control. Yes, definitely you should try your best but it is also important to manage your emotions, feelings, and anger when things are not going to happen as per your plan. I was in a kind of depressive state but learning to manage your own feelings is good for your well-being and health. Surely it takes time and so have patience when you are in such a situation.

Lessons learned in 2020-Love across the Border:

Most of the countries declared Lockdown by March-2020, borders closed, and travel restricted, India was one of the same. With that move, many people separated from their families. I was one of them, living in Long Distance Relationship. I wanted to meet my husband desperately. I didn’t know how was the situation in the USA or how safe is he there? I had many sleepless nights and I just wanted to see him once. No doubt a strong relationship is required to nurture a long-distance relationship and technology made it easy for me to communicate with me. But still, I wanted to meet him to see if he is okay and doing well. So, I booked a one-way flight to the USA. I did a lot of paperwork, took a leap of faith, and traveled during the peak of the Pandemic. The Pandemic travel was not easy, I was hesitant, had panic attacks before the flight but I made up my mind and traveled all the way to States. With god’s grace, I reached safely and stayed for 2.5 months in the USA. The trip to the USA in 2020 will be remembered forever in our life.

Lessons learned in 2020-I am Stronger than I think:

flight during the Pandemic

When I traveled to the USA, my family members, friends, and so many others commented she is ‘so strong’ and even told my husband she is really having a daring to travel during such a scary time. When I was hearing such comments, I thought maybe I was weak for one moment but I am stronger and more determinantal in my decisions. There was a threat of Virus and was worried about my loved ones. There was so much uncertainty but as long as you desire something, the universe conspires to make it happen! After this travel, I emerged as stronger than I think.

All of us facing several restrictions on social life, health fears, a threat to job and business, many are jobless and the virus affected the livelihoods of many people but all of us are surviving and alive, stronger than ever.

Lessons learned in 2020-Know your Circle:

During this Pandemic time, I realized who actually care for me! I am not condemning nor I have any complaints but I really saw the true colors of People. The relatives and all other so-called family members who always wanted to know about your moves, about your life and whatnot, many of them didn’t care to ask me once how I am doing OR how I am coping up in this tough situation during Pandemic!

Not all people are the same and I had the strong support of close family, Parents, inlaws, they made sure I remain happy. The family matters a lot in life. Also, I am so much Grateful to my travel community, who personally messaged me and asked me if I am doing well. During this Pandemic, for the very first time in my life, I could feel the power of Social media. The support and immense love from my travel community were immense and I am forever grateful to them. I am feeling proud of being a travel blogger because due to this profession only I connect with like-minded people.

Lessons learned in 2020-Your Health is Wealth:

How I can’t emphasize this! During the Lockdown and Post Lockdown, many people have started focusing on their fitness. Earlier I had a job in another city and commuting to the workplace was draining my energy. It is well said, You have to spare time from your busy schedule for the fitness but for me, it was not possible or Maybe I was Lazy. But when I got transferred back to my hometown, I decided, I will not wait for the year to end and set a goal for 2021 to be fit. I started a healthy diet and exercise regime at home in November 2020. As a result of it, I am 5 Kg lighter as I am writing this. So, nothing is impossible, and it’s all about time management and determination. I can proudly say if you make your mind, you will get the results you want.

Lessons learned in 2020-Importance of an Emergency Fund:

This Pandemic taught us a valuable lesson – BE SMART MONEYWISE. Being raised in Middle-Class Family, Money lessons are in my genes. So when I started earning, I always save a portion of it every month. But so many of us are not finance savvy people and don’t know how to save enough money for the retirement or for an emergency. Due to the Pandemic, many lost their job or business, and never they thought of an emergency fund which should be the amount for your 6 months expenses in your Bank. I had a secure job but I am adding this to my list to help someone. The money you saved will save you tomorrow.

Lessons learned in 2020-Blogging Mistakes:

Blogging mistakes to avoid

I am running this blog along with my full-time service industry job but I never took this blog seriously. In the Month of March, I got the spare time due to lockdown and I realized whats was doing with this blog? Once upon a time, my blog touched DA 27, and then being irregular at writing, not knowing much of SEO and monetizing practices, I realized I should work on this project this year. I attended a few seminars, took free courses, I am working hard again to maintain this blog. I am also planning to write seperate Post about this later on.

This year I reflected on my Priorities and Goals which I never did in the Past. This year taught me about the frugality of life! I want to focus more on Me time and I want to focus on things I love in the upcoming year. The year helped me to grow, be stronger and happier than ever.

This year has come at a great cost but being optimistic is the only need of time. The year is about to leave with a level of growth that could have only come from what We have been through.

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