Wine Walk through Napa Valley,California

If wine is your cup of tea then Napa Valley is heaven for you. Napa has the perfect winery experience that you have been looking for. About 400 wineries cover the Napa Valley region and if you are looking for a lavish yet quiet vacation, Napa vacation homes can be your perfect retreat. A walk by the small family owned wineries, experiencing the sumptuous food, Napa Valley guarantees an understated, exceptional wine tour that you only just dream of.Wine tours in Napa Valley California can be perfect for Weekend travel.

California Napa Valley is famous for its esteemed Cabernet Sauvignon but there are many wineries that can be covered in your wine tour. Most of them are small wine production houses producing limited wines with the tasting corners giving a homely vibe. Boutique wineries in Napa Valley are also in vogue. Here’s list of  Napa Valley California wineries.

Crocker & Starr Winery :

The small organic vineyard at St Helena, Crocker and Starr Winery, is a small production house. Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc are the flavours to die for.

Petite Verdot Grapes Napa Valley Wine Country

Fairwinds Estate 

Fairwinds Estate, situated in Calistoga is popular for its picnicking grounds, olive groves, grape-vine terrace and a stunning 22,000 sq. ft. cave. Their limited production of wine adds perfectly to the vacation mood.

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Crosby Roamann 

Another family-owned winery producing handmade wine has the unique idea of making limited wines from different vineyards across the Napa Valley. They have an ultra fancy tasting room and is situated in South Napa region.

Judd’s Hill Winery 

If you are at Napa Valley you must participate in one of the daily Bottle Blending Day Camp sessions at Judd’s Hill Winery. Amidst the beautiful vines, it is worth spending time here.

Nichelini Winery

Nichelini is not only one of the oldest continuous winemaking families in the United States. Fifth generation winemaker’s skill and fervour reflect in the wine that they produce. They are famous for old vine Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, “Old Press” white.

Fantesca Estate & Winery 

Walk a mile up the spring mountain road and you will reach Fantesca. A prior appointment can take you to taste their small-production wine and can arrange a private tasting while exploring the mountainside caves.

AXR Winery at V Madrone Estate

You call this winery the heart of St Helena because of where it is situated. The winery offers a private experience on the pre-prohibition site. Walk down the Redwood Grove to taste the future of AXR wines.

There are many other wineries and each one has a unique trill to offer. The wineries in the Napa Valley region are very small, some have permit restrictions and most of them are family owned. So the best option is to book an appointment before heading towards the wineries.

Napa Valley and its famous wine stories will never end, the best alternative to that is to experience it. The small wineries, the homemade wines will increase your love for the drink manifold. The twisted vines and the tucked up vineyards will surely make your wine tour absolutely worth it.

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  1. Napa valley describes wine stories which wine production. It is the perfect destination,n for retreat and gets winery experience. You see beautiful wine trees in the location.

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