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3 Day Savannah Itinerary : Long Weekend in Savannah

Savannah is one of my favorite city in USA without doubt! If you’re looking for 3 day Savannah Itinerary, you’re at right place! Savannah is full of Southern charm, history, picturesque architecture with delicious cuisines. You will simply blown away by spending a long weekend in Savannah.

I’ve visited Savannah two times and I can proudly say that this guide will surely help you to plan your short Savannah vacation or 3 day long weekend getaway to Savannah !

In this massive Weekend in Savannah Itinerary, I will be breaking down some of the best things to do in Savannah, tons of Savannah travel tips, where to stay, the best places to eat, and more! So, read more on how to see the best of Savannah in 3 days!

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Savannah, Georgia Brief History

Savannah is one of the most beautiful southern city filled with rich history and southern charm and considered as most beautiful city to visit in USA. The city was founded by General James Oglethorpe in 1733 and the first colonial capital of Georgia.

It quickly grew as a port and became a center for the cultivation and export of cotton. Like Charleston, Savannah’s cotton plantations and slave labor played a significant role in the region’s prosperity! Savannah continued to flourish during American revolution and Civil war.

During 20th century, Savannah became a popular tourist destination due to its historic charm and architecture. The Historic District, with its cobblestone streets, historic homes, and squares, was established, contributing to the city’s unique character.

Today, Savannah is known by many names, such as the Hostess City of the South, the United States’ first planned city and Georgia’s oldest city! It is also one of the most haunted cities of USA as it is built over burial ground, has lots of dark history!

Interesting Fact about Savannah : Savannah was the first planned city in North America! General James Oglethorpe, the founder of the Georgia Colony, designed the city in a grid pattern with squares, gardens, and public spaces. The city has 22 historic squares, each with its own character and charm. These squares are surrounded by historic homes, churches, and other buildings.

Savannah’s history reflects the broader historical trends of the United States, from its colonial origins through the challenges of the Civil War and Reconstruction to its modern identity as a culturally rich and historic city.

Weekend in Savannah: How to Spend 3 day in Savannah

Before I go deep into the Post, let me share some useful travel tips to plan your perfect 3 day Savannah Itinerary. During our weekend in Savannah, we had the best time exploring the city and surrounding places!

It’s perfect stop if you are road tripping around United states or driving around the East Coast USA. I was in Savannah for 3 days and it’s perfect amount of time to be in the city! We had much relaxing time during both the visits!

Honestly, One of my favorite thing to do was just wander the streets, admire the architecture and hang out in the parks and squares! So read more about my experiences to spend long weekend in Savannah GA.

How to get to Savannah GA for Weekend Trip

Savannah is very easily accessible from all the major cities in east coast USA. It’s just short road trip away from major cities like Atlanta, Raleigh and Charlotte, Jacksonville in Florida. If you’re living in South as like me, renting a car is better option to reach Savannah!

But if you’re flying from anywhere else from the USA, you can take a direct flight to Savannah/ Hilton Head International Airport (SAV). Or you can fly into Atlanta or Charleston first, and you can road trip to Savannah. Check Skyscanner for the best flight deals!

Getting Around during 3 Day Savannah Itinerary

Savannah is one of the most walkable city of USA, in fact I am penning down this 3 day Savannah itinerary such that you can manage the sights with easy walking around! If you are flying into Savannah and would like to avoid renting a car, you absolutely can! The downtown area of Savannah is very walkable.

But if you want to give rest to your feet, there is also good public transport in Savannah. The DOT is a free shuttle service that runs throughout the historic district and includes 20 stops. These buses typically come every 10 minutes and are a great way to get around Savannah!

For those who would like to limit their walking a bit more, Savannah’s Hop On/Hop Off Old Town Trolley tour is the perfect solution to get around during your 3 days in Savannah.

how to get around savannah

If you fly into the Savannah/Hilton Head airport, grab an Uber into town! You can spend an amazing long weekend in Savannah without a car ! If you plan to visit nearby attractions, consider either joining a tour or hire an UBER during your Savannah GA weekend getaway.

If you are driving your own vehicle in Savannah, there are several parking garages and a lot of street parking. Parking can be difficult during weekends and holidays, but you can usually find a spot! Also, Street Meter Parking is free on Sunday in Savannah!

Best Time to Visit Savannah

Savannah is a year-round destination. But the the most comfortable weather occurs during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to November).

Spring (March to May)

Spring in Savannah is considered one of the best times to visit as the weather is mild, with temperatures ranging from the 60s to 70s Fahrenheit (15-25°C), Azalea blooms add vibrant colors to the city, making it a visually appealing time to explore parks and gardens.

Also, it’s perfect time to enjoy the festivals in Savannah like St Patrick’s day Parade. Savannah hosts one of the biggest St. Patrick’s Day parades in the world! This is also the most crowded time of year, so hotel prices may be higher than usual.

Fall (September to November)

The fall season also offers pleasant temperatures, ranging from the 60s to 70s Fahrenheit (15-25°C).The city experiences fewer crowds compared to the peak summer months, allowing for a more relaxed visit. Fall festivals and decorations also takes place during this time.

Winter (December to February)

Winter in Savannah is mild compared to many other parts of the USA, with temperatures typically ranging from the 40s to 60s Fahrenheit (4-20°C). While winter is still pretty warm, it is considered the off-peak season! This means, it can be a good time to visit without crowds. However, some outdoor activities and visiting beach need to avoid in your 3 day Savannah Itinerary planning.

Avoid Summer (June to August)

Summer is still a popular time to visit Savannah, but it can be incredibly hot and humid, with temperatures often reaching the 90s Fahrenheit (32-37°C). The humidity can make it feel more warmer. Despite the weather, summer is a popular time to visit due to school holidays! If you can handle the heat and humidity, a weekend in Savannah during the Summer might still be for you, especially if you plan on hitting the beach!

Where to Stay for Long Weekend in Savannah GA

If you consider staying near all the major Savannah attractions, my top pick would be staying in the Historic district or at least as close to it as you can get for your Savannah weekend getaway! It can be bit expensive but worth to splurge as you’ll be able to walk to most of the stops in this 3 day Savannah Itinerary.

If you are visiting on a budget, I recommend staying a little outside of the city and driving or taking public transportation into downtown.

There are so many options to choose from, including haunted bed and breakfast, modern chic luxury hotels and budget properties. Here are some of the best places to stay in Savannah.  I’ve also included apartment rentals which you can book on VRBO!

Luxury Hotels in Savannah

JW Marriott Savannah Plant Riverside District — Located right on the river, this hotel has elegant rooms and its very unique property to stay in Savannah! Because you’ll see an incredible collection of gems, rocks and fossils in their lobby. Check Availability

Foley House Inn — This hotel is absolutely beautiful inside and out, and has a perfect location right on historic district! Their breakfast is delicious and and the décor absolutely gorgeous. Check Availability

Perry Lane Hotel — Another popular hotel located right next to Chippewa Square, this high-end hotel is beautifully designed with local artwork that showcases the Georgia history! They even offer complimentary bikes to explore Savannah, offers Private Parking, an outdoor pool! It has very known great rooftop bar to enjoy the drinks at sundown! Check Availability!

The Drayton Hotel — Located in the heart of Savannah’s Historic District, this property is a 19th-century boutique hotel that has embraced Savannah’s history. The property also has a restaurant and is known to have a good rooftop bar. Check Availability!

Mid-Range Hotels in Savannah

The Forsyth Park Inn — This bed & breakfast has eleven rooms and is right across the street from Forsyth Park. There is a beautiful courtyard and breakfast is included with your stay. Check Availability!

The Marshall House — Located on Broughton Street, the gorgeous Marshall House is a fantastic option for those looking to stay in a historical inn in Savannah without breaking your bank! It has a fantastic location in the heart of Savannah’s historic district, and highly recommended with lots of reviews! Check Availability!

Budget Hotels in Savannah

Best Western Savannah Historic District — If you’re looking for budget hotel during your weekend in Savannah while still being in a walkable area, the Best Western Savannah Historic District is the perfect spot for you! It offers free Parking, included breakfast, and easy access by foot to all the historic district highlights! Check Availability!

Springhill Suites by Marriott Savannah Downtown Historic District: Located near the Telfair Museums, you will be located right in the Historic District. This property offers an outdoor pool and spacious rooms. Check Availability!

How Many Days in Savannah?

If you want to enjoy the city’s most attractions, ideally 3-4 days are sufficient. 3 days in Savannah is just perfect amount of time to explore the historic sites, visiting museums, taking a ghost tour or a river cruise. But even if you have one day in Savannah, you can cover lots of grounds and historical sites in a day!

You can also squeeze in a day for the beach! If you have more than 3 days in Savannah, I recommend to include road trip to Charleston– another beautiful southern city!

3 Day Savannah Itinerary : Best Things to do during Long Weekend in Savannah

Here is quick summery of 3 day long weekend in Savannah GA including best things to do, places to visit including best historical sites and recommendations for restaurants!

Also, you can alternate these days and activities based on the weather or your interests. This itinerary is designed based on full 3 days in Savannah! So, I would suggest you arrive during the morning or day before starting this Savannah itinerary.

Day- 1 : Forsyth Park, Historic District, Food Tour and Savannah Riverfront, Sunset Cruise

Day-2 : Wormsloe Historic Site, Broughton Street, Leopold’s Ice cream, Rainbow Row, Ghost Tour

Day-3 : The Olde Pink House, City Market, Bonaventure Cemetery & Tybee Island

So, let’s go! Read on how to spend best 3 days in Savannah, perfect Weekend Savannah GA itinerary.

Savannah is famous for its picturesque live oak trees draped in Spanish moss, creating a beautiful and distinctive Southern landscape. You’ll see everywhere throughout the city!

Day 1 of 3 Day Savannah Weekend Itinerary

Stop-1 : Start your day with a stroll through Forsyth Park

Savannah’s Forsyth Park is famous for its 19th-century fountain! And it’s one of the most photographed places of the city, the perfect place to start your sightseeing. Visiting Forsyth Park is a must on any weekend trip to Savannah.

I recommend entering from the north side of the park – this is where you’ll find the famous fountain, along with plenty of green space, benches and shaded views! It’s a beautiful place to walk around and enjoy the canopy of oak trees dripping with Spanish moss.

Forsyth is a beautiful place to go for a walk, picnic, read a book, relax, or even attend events such as concerts or the Saturday farmers market.

If you want to go deep into all the history of Savannah, visiting historic homes and buildings, take this Historic Savannah Guided Walking Tour to start your day in savannah!

Stop-2 : Breakfast at The Collins Quarter

If you continue further south, you’ll come to a beautiful, small garden with outside sittings, that is where you’ll stop to grab Breakfast – The Collins Quarter.

Before starting the day, grab the hearty breakfast, because its going to be long day! Located right at the Forsyth Park, Collins Quarter is one of the best places to eat breakfast or brunch in Savannah!

The wait can get extremely long on weekends, and they don’t take advance reservations for breakfast or brunch. But it’s worth to wait! They serves delicious Sandwiches, waffles, burgers and Mimosas! They also have few vegetarian options! If you’re looking to enjoy a morning Coffee, you can’t ask for a better place to do so!

Stop-3 : Admire the Mercer Williams House

One of the the most famous, haunted, and historic homes in Savanah, GA – Mercer Williams House. The home was completed in 1868 for General Hugh W. Mercer.

The house is known for its Italianate and Second French Empire architectural styles. Later, it was purchased by Jim Williams, an antiques dealer in Savannah, in the 1960s and restored it to its former glory. He was accused for the murder of Danny Hansford inside the home in 1981.He was tried 4 times and acquitted.

This murder mystery is one of Savannah’s most famous and was the subject of the incredibly famous book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil, you should read this book if you’re planning your weekend trip to Savannah.

If you are interested, you can tour the home. You will see lots of art and impressive collection of antiques from William’s private collection that dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries.

While you are in the area, stop by both Monterey and Chatham Square. Both Squares are a part of the original 22 Squares planned by Oglethorpe and a lovely place to stroll.

Stop-4 : Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

If you’ve seen the photos of Savannah, may be you came across the The Cathedral Basilica of Saint John the Baptist. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in when you’ve 3 days in Savannah!

The Catholic community in Savannah has roots dating back to the late 18th century. The first Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was a wooden structure built in 1799.But it was destroyed in fire. The current, beautiful cathedral we see today was built in the 20th century, and is among the most stunning cathedral I’ve seen in the USA.

The church has gothic architecture, featuring pointed arches and beautiful ceiling work. The design reflects the influence of medieval European cathedrals. Don’t forget to look at stained glass windows! It’s absolutely worth stopping here for your 3 day Savannah Itinerary.

Stop-5 : Explore the East Jones Street

East Jones Street in Savannah is considered as one of the most beautiful street in America! Therefore, it should definitely be on your Savannah weekend itinerary.

3 Day savannah Itinerary

Stroll down the wide brick street lined of Historic mansions with mature oak trees with Spanish moss. You’ll see cobblestone staircases and plenty of American flags for a pop of color. Most of the homes you will see were built in the 1800s and are all very beautiful. East Jones Street happens to be one of my favorite places to visit in Savannah.

Jones Street is an absolutely stunning place to get the Best Photos of Savannah and must add in your Savannah Weekend Itinerary!

Stop-6 : Trolley Tour (Optional)

If you don’t want to walk or don’t have a car while exploring the Savannah GA, you can use the Trolley Tours to visit best of Savannah Attractions.

I took the Trolley Tour during my first visit to Savannah and it was best experience. You’ll learn the history of city from the Guide, that too from the comfort of your seat! You’ll save so much time too while avoiding the walk in heat!

The hop-on-hop-off Trolly tour stops at most of the top attractions which is best option to get around Savannah!

Book your Savannah Trolly Tours here.

Stop-7 : Take a Savannah Food Tour

After getting feel of the Savannah, its time to get know more about the food scene of the city for which its very famous!

Take an incredibly popular First Squares Food Tour which will allow you to enjoy more of Savannah’s beautiful squares and streets while learning more about the history of the city, but it will also give you chance to taste the delicious southern food!

I highly recommend to take a food tour on your first day of the Savannah ga Weekend Getaway. This way you’ll know more about the southern food and you can order your favorite dishes for the rest of days!

Stop-8 : Savannah Riverfront & River Street

End your first day in Savannah with last stop at Savannah River Street. River Street is one of the most unique places to explore along with getting a chance to check out some of Savannah’s best nightlife. This area is not to be missed during your weekend trip to Savannah GA! 

You have the opportunity to take a sneak peek into the historic buildings, and even staircases down to the Riverfront. In fact, the River street was lined with cotton warehouses in 19th century & has played a huge role in Savannah’s success as a city. 

Today, River street in Savannah is known for Shopping, Galleries, restaurants, and nightlife. I also highly recommend stop by Savannah Candy Kitchen – home to the best pralines I ever had! Must sample their fresh Pralines(they give free samples) even if you are full from your food tour!!

Make sure to look at waving girl statue and walking inside the lobby of JW Marriott Hotel at Riverside. The hotel has an extensive collection of fossils, gemstones and rocks. Also, you’ll find find tons of great shopping and restaurants while doing a river walk.

Other top attractions on River Street include the iconic Georgia Queen Paddle Boat (near Olympia Cafe), and Factors Walk, a historic place where cotton was bought and sold. It’s worth visiting as the area is said to be haunted and has some secret tunnels.

Stop-9 : Visit Rooftop Bar/ Brewery

You have seen a lots of interesting places of Savannah on first day, so let’s end the day watching the sunset at one of Savannah’s best rooftops. Some popular rooftop bars in Savannah include Rocks on the Roof(The Bohemian Hotel Savannah Riverfront), Peregrine, and The Drayton Hotel rooftop. 

You can also check out the Riverside Biergarten and Service Brewing Co to enjoy Savannah beer. Both have restaurant on site with beautiful outdoor seating along the river!

If you plan on a more adventurous night out, Savannah nightlife doesn’t pick up until a little later, like Past 10:00 PM! So, plan accordingly! definitely grab a drink to go at Wet Willie’s or Treylor Park! They offer frozen alcohol slushies!

Did you know Downtown Savannah has no open-container laws. You’re free to walk around with your 16 oz Slushie cups! Such fun way to end your night!

Stop- 10 : Take a Cruise

If visiting the rooftop bat isn’t your thing, you can consider River Boat cruise along the Savannah River at this point! There are so many options to choose, from sunset cruise to dinner cruise! You’ll board the iconic Georgia Queen to see the Savannah from the Water!

Book your sunset riverboat cruise in Savannah today!

You can also check this Savannah Land & Sea Combo: City Sightseeing Trolley Tour with Riverboat Cruise that includes Tour of Historic Savannah and Riverboat for a 90 minute sightseeing cruise up & down the Savannah River.

Day 2 of 3 Day Savannah Itinerary

Day 2 in Savannah will also be jam-packed with so many fun things to do in Savannah! But make sure to visit what interests you from this guide to visit Savannah in 3 days!

Stop-1 : Early Morning Visit Wormsloe Historic Site

One of the must visit places in Savannah, Wormsloe Historic site is another attraction to add in your Savannah Weekend Itinerary. It is the oldest plantation in Georgia and famous for its 1.5-mile driveway lined with live oak trees blanketed in Spanish Moss.

The plantation was constructed by carpenter Noble Jones in 1745 and was used to raise cattle and farm crops such as potatoes, rice, cotton, peaches, and more. 

Savannah weekend itinerary

Wormsloe is about a 15-20 minute drive from Savannah Historic District. If you didn’t rent a car, you can take a quick UBER ride to reach here. OR else you might want to take a tour that includes transportation.

I recommend visiting earlier during the day as it get crowded in the afternoon! Also, lighting is the perfect in the morning! Plan on arriving at 9 AM when it opens.

Upon entering you’ll see two rows lined with huge live oaks! Many people just want to take photos of driveway(Oak alley) but I would suggest paying the admission fee($10) and walk around the site!

You will find several hikes, historic tabby ruins, breathtaking views of Isles of hope and you can walk or drive down the entire driveway. You can take guided tour or venture on your own! There are several movies have been filmed here, including The Last Song and The Generals Daughter.

Hours: 9 AM to 4:45 PM, Monday to Sunday

Stop-2 : Brunch at Foxy Loxy Cafe

Head back to the Historic District to either freshen up at your hotel or go straight to grab the brunch at the Foxy Loxy Cafe in star land district. The café is uniquely done in a Victorian home with nice court yard. They serve a variety of items from coffee to cheese boards to wine. Must try their amazing breakfast Tacos, burrito and Pastry along with delicious coffee.

Stop-3 : The Gingerbread House

Just beside the café, you’ll see the the The Gingerbread House. This historic Savannah house is known as one of the finest examples of Steamboat Gothic architecture in the USA. If you love architecture, I would recommend to get a photo here!

3 days in Savannah

It is said to be one of the most famous houses in Savannah. The home was built in 1899 and is located in the Historic District of Savannah, not far from the Forsyth Park! I would suggest to stop here for your 3 day Savannah Itinerary to get the Instagram worthy photo in Savannah!

Address: 1921 Bull St, Savannah, GA 31401

Stop- 3 : Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters

There are so many historic homes in Savannah, so make sure you tour at least one house/ museum during your visit. The Owens-Thomas House & Slave Quarters is my top choice for a house museum tour for to look into the dark history of Savannah.

This historic antebellum home offers a self-guided audio walking tour that can be done on your cell phone. The tour allows you to explore one of the oldest homes in Savannah, learn about the families who lived in the home, and the enslaved people who were forced to work here!

The slave quarters are a set of brick buildings located behind the main house, where enslaved people lived and worked to maintain this antebellum mansions regal and beautiful! 

Admission is $20 USD and will give you access to the house and two Telfair museums. They can be purchased on-site or online.

Hours: Sunday to Monday: 12 PM to 5 PM with the last tour at 4:20 PM. They are closed on Wednesday. 

Stop-4 : Oglethorpe Square & Wright Square

You will find this lovely Square across from the Owen-Thomas House. Oglethorpe Square, named after Savannah’s founder James Oglethorpe, is one of the original six squares planned for the city. Unlike many other squares in the Historic District, this square does not have any monuments.

As you continue to walk straight E state street, you’ll come across the Wright Square. One of the notable features of Wright Square is the Tomochichi Federal Building, which is located on the southeastern side of the square.

Tomochichi was a friend of Oglethorpe and helped him to establish Savannah! When he died in 1739, Oglethorpe held a military funeral to honor him with a pyramid grave made of stones.

Also, the giant memorial you see in this square is not for him, but instead for William Washington Gordon- the founder of central of Georgia railroad. Tomochichi’s remains are still there, and a granite stone was placed in 1899 in remembrance by Gordon’s family.

Wright Square is one of the four original squares in Savannah and said to be haunted. You’ll learn about it later during this evening on ghost tour!!

Stop-5 : Telfair Academy & Museums

There are a couple of great options on how to spend this afternoon in Savannah. So depending on time, you may want to visit Telfair Academy and the Jepson Center!

The Telfair Museums is the oldest public art museum in the Southeast and it offers the opportunity to enjoy 19th and 20th century American and European paintings and sculptures. 

They’re great additions to this 3 day Savannah itinerary! You can spend as little or as much time as you like here, depending on time!

Stop-6: Chippewa Square

As you walk along this Savannah Itinerary, you are going to stop at one of the most famous Squares in Savannah.

But why Chippewa Square so famous? If you didn’t already know, this is the Forrest Gump bench filming location. Unfortunately, the bench was just a prop and now been moved to the Savannah History Museum!

3 days weekend itinerary savannah

But Chippewa square is still beautiful with Art Deco Savannah Theatre on one side of the square, and Gallery Espresso on another! You’ll the beautiful Foley House Inn other side, famous for being both a lovely place to stay and for finding a skeleton in its wall in the 1980s! There are also many shops and restaurants you can check out!

Stop-7 : Colonial Park Cemetery

Just 3 minutes walk from Chippewa Square, you can make a quick stop at the Colonial park cemetery, which is known as one of the most haunted places in Savannah. 

Dating back to 1750, Colonial Park Cemetery is the oldest cemetery in Savannah and is most notable for being the final resting place of 700 people who fell victim to the yellow fever epidemic of 1820, who were buried in the cemetery together in a mass grave. If you’re short on time, you can skip it!

Stop-8 : Broughton Street

Savannah’s premier shopping street is home to some of the best boutiques and restaurants in the city and is a fabulous place for photos, shopping, and snacks for your weekend in Savannah trip. You can choose any souvenirs you may want to purchase here.

While You’re here don’t miss following Places to Visit in Savannah:

  • The Paris Market : This beautiful shop with Chic décor and a cafe that serves coffee, croissants and Parisian goods. You can find candles, antiques and unique eclectic items throughout the store. there are plenty of photo-opportunities inside and outside The Paris Market.
  • Savannah Bee Company: At this shop, you can buy a variety of honey, beauty products, apparel and more. However, the most unique aspect is the mead tasting. You can sample several types of mead at the bar or bring a bottle home.
  • Pelindaba Lavender: This is very unique shop to shop all Lavender things in Savannah! If you’re looking for lavender perfume or soap or oil, everything is available!

Stop-9 : Leopold’s Ice Cream

Broughton Street is home to most famous Ice Cream Parlor in Savannah – Leopold’s Ice Cream ! If you have sweet tooth and love Ice cream, must stop here!

Expect there to be a long line during most hours of the day, but it’s ice cream worth waiting for! Leopold’s has been open since 1919 three ice cream flavors remain unchanged: Tutti Frutti, rum bisque and lemon. The ice cream is super creamy and delicious. I can go back to Savannah just for this Ice Cream!!

Stop-10 : Visit Savannah’s Rainbow Row(508 E Bryan Street)

After devouring the Ice Cream, it’s time to take some walk! From Leopold’s, walk just 5 minutes around the corner to see Savannah’s Rainbow Row! Unlike Rainbow Row of Charleston, this is just a small row of 3 colorful houses, but its still perfect for photos!

Address : 508 East Bryan Street

Stop-11 : Take a Ghost Tour in evening

If visiting Savannah- the Most Haunted city of America and not embarking on Ghost Tour?? This is one of the must do activity in Savannah if you are interested in paranormal activity !

Interested in candlelit Ghost Walking Tour? Check this. Interested in Supernatural activity? Check this tour.

If you’re looking for a solid, not too gory Savannah ghost tour, check out this Ghost Trolley Tour!

For a classic walking ghost tour, check this option (it has great reviews).

If you want to combine two of the city’s best assets: a haunted history and a great party scene, opt for Spooky Savannah Haunted Pub Crawl tour.

Choose whichever tour interests you, and whether you’re a true believer or not, ghost tours in Savannah are a great way to get to know the haunted history of the city, and I highly recommend adding one to your Savannah weekend itinerary!

Day 3 of 3 Day Savannah Itinerary

If you have 3 days in Savannah, there are so many things to do in Savannah! But if you were unable to do some of the activities on days 1 or 2 in Savannah Georgia, you can do some of them today! If weather is nice, you might want to take a day trip to Tybee Island beach! You can flip the days during your Savannah Weekend trip according to the weather.

Stop-1 : Grab Breakfast at Olde Pink House

No weekend in Savannah is complete without having breakfast or brunch at Olde Pink House. no doubt there are so many restaurants in Savannah to grab the breakfast or brunch but this one makes the perfect final addition in this 3 days in Savannah trip guide.

The Olde Pink House serves up impeccable southern classic food in a gorgeous mansion built in 1771. The atmosphere is magnificent no matter where you sit ! But you’ll need to make your reservations well in advance to eat at this historic mansion!

Don’t forget to take a quick stroll through Reyolds Square across the street!

Stop-2 : Johnson Square

Welcome to the first laid-out Square in Savannah ! It is also one of the largest square among all! In the center of the Square, you will find the Obelisk monument to General Nathanael Greene, a Major General in the Revolutionary War. 

One of the interesting thing, there is no hanging moss to see in this square !! The Square also features two fountains and a sundial. You’ll find lots of people hanging around here!

Stop-3: City Market

Another iconic attraction you can’t miss during weekend in Savannah is the City Market ! The Market is here since 1700s and once it was place to trade!

Today, this market is still an active part of Savannah where locals and tourists alike go shopping, eat, and hang out. You can shop for souvenirs or go for boutique visits as you like!

City Market is one of the most popular places to visit in Savannah and a fun, quick stop during your 3 Day Savannah Itinerary.

You can even visit the interesting American Prohibition Museum. It is the only one in the USA!

Stop-4 : First African Baptist Church/Franklin Square

Another popular historic attraction to visit in Savannah is the First American Baptist church, which is said to be the first in the United States.

The church was founded in 1773 and was primarily built, literally by enslaved people. The current church building was completed in 1859 but it has survived through the Civil War, Reconstruction and played a significant role in the Underground Railroad(a network of secret routes and safe houses used by African American slaves to escape)! Furthermore, the church played an integral part in Savannah’s history!

Additionally, you can walk to the Franklin Square across the street.

Stop-4: Bonaventure Cemetery

Next head to famous Bonaventure Cemetery. It is not usual tourist attraction but as you’re in Savannah- the land of ghost stories, and Bonaventure is no average cemetery. Personally I don’t like to Visit the Cemetery but this is one Pretty Cemetery !

Located on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Wilmington River and 15-minute drive from the historic district, Bonaventure Cemetery is considered one of the most beautiful and largest cemeteries in the USA.

As you stroll through it, you’ll notice that in places it looks more like a sprawling sculpture garden with moss-draped oak trees, creating a hauntingly beautiful and atmospheric environment than a Cemetery!

The cemetery became incredibly popular after being featured in the the novel Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by John Berendt.

The Bonaventure Cemetery is also known to be haunted…, including that of six-year-old Gracie Watson, one of Savannah’s most haunted Spirits!

As you wander through, you’ll likely also notice plenty of notable names that are now familiar to you after spending your weekend in Savannah, they are buried here including Johnny Mercer and Conrad Aiken.

Visiting Bonaventure Cemetery is free to visit and really a must on any Savannah itinerary! You can also explore independently, but the cemetery is very large ! If you want to know more interesting facts quickly, take this guided tour that includes transportation. It will save lots of time!

Hours: 8 AM to 5 PM, Monday to Sunday

Stop-5 : Tybee Island

Now its afternoon time and head to the Beach! Savannah is located extremely close to the sandy beach! Tybee Island is 25-30 minute drive from the Cemetery/River street and the perfect place to spend the afternoon.

3 Days Savannah Itinerary

The island has over five miles of public beach to enjoy along with a Pier and the Tybee lighthouse. You can stop at Fort Pulaski on your way to or from the island! You can also go on a wild dolphins tour if you’re traveling with kids!

I visited Tybee island for half day and it was the perfect amount of time to spend there. We were able to enjoy the ocean and hanging around the pier, and go to few shops. This is the perfect way to end your weekend in Savannah!

If you don’t have car, you can check this Tybee Island Beach experience Tour that includes return transportation. You can relax on the beach for the day with all equipment including chairs, umbrellas, towels, and coolers stocked with ice provided to you.

Tips for Visiting Savannah in 3 days

  •  You will experience beautiful greenery everywhere be it the squares, riverfront or large oak trees with Spanish moss that lines the roads. Savannah is a quintessential Southern city. You’ll be in awe with its beauty!
  • The lovely architecture and 22 town squares of Savannah will always leave you curious about what’s around the next corner! So, go slow, relax and wander the city at your own pace!
  • Savannah has an open container policy, so you can consume alcohol on the street. But make sure your drink is in a plastic cup and stay within the Savannah Historic District!
  • Savannah is famous for southern food, make sure to plan your meals in advance! Eating delicious, delectable southern cuisine is absolutely a highlight of weekend in Savannah.
  • Savannah has so many Museums- basically, mansions turned into museums that tell the stories of different aspects of the city. Each Museum is different and offers something unique, decide which interests you more! I’ve included Owens-Thomas House & Mercer Williams House in this long weekend in Savannah itinerary, but you can also check out Andrew Low House (birthplace of Juliette Gordon Low, founder of the Girl Scouts of America), the Davenport House (the first Savannah mansion to be restored), or the Sorrel-Weed House (considered to be haunted, focuses on ghost stories).You can definitely visit any of Museum during your 3 day Savannah Itinerary, just pick your favorites!
  • Savannah gets very crowded during peak times and you may not find parking on weekends! If you hate crowds, consider visiting during off seasons and weekdays and Start your day early!
  • Savannah’s Night party scene is very famous! Don’t miss it during your visit!

Where to Eat in Savannah

Savannah is known for the food! Even as Vegetarian, you’ll have lots of options in terms of food!

Savannah is known for shrimp and grits, peaches, pralines, fried green tomatoes, and biscuits & gravy. Some popular places to eat during a Savannah Weekend trip include: 

places to eat in Savanah in 3 days
  • The Pirates House – A themed Pirate restaurant, the oldest home in Savannah, known to be haunted and serve southern cuisines. Menu
  • The Olde Pink House – Serving classic Southern cuisine near Reynold Square. Menu
  • Husk – Serving classic Southern cuisine near Wright Square. 
  • Moon River Brewing Company – A bar that is known as one of the most haunted places in Savannah near the Riverfront. 
  • Vinnie Van GoGo’s – Located near Franklin Square and serves delicious Pizza with beautiful outdoor setting.
  • Vic’s on the River – Fine dining restaurant on riverfront in 19th century warehouse serves classic southern cuisines. Their fried green tomatoes is must try!
  • Best Cafes for Brunch : Collins quarter, Bitty & Beau’s , Clary’s Café , Mirabelle Savannah, Goose Fathers Cafe & Bakery, The Fig (My favorite from Savannah) and the Sentient Bean.
  • Best Bars : The Grove, Rocks on the Roof, Wet Willie’s, Jen’s & Friends and Treylor Park.

Final Thoughts : Weekend in Savannah 3 day Itinerary

This concludes my 3 day Savannah weekend itinerary! If you can’t visit all the places, just make sure to revisit it again as I did! Savannah deserves all the love! The city is an incredible vacation destination for couples, friends and families alike. It has something for everyone !

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