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36 Best Tulum Instagram Spots to Visit in 2024

Tulum- Mexican beach resort town is is an Instagram influencer and travel blogger’s dream. And if you are looking for Best Tulum Instagram Spots read this post, I’ve got you covered! My Tulum Photo Spots guide includes beautiful cenotes, cute cafes, quirky hotel entrances, and ancient Mayan ruins, everything is just beautiful in Tulum!

Tulum is very unique places to visit in Mexico where you can enjoy luxury hotels, tropical white sandy beaches, charming restaurants, and a creative mix of modern art.

Tulum is vibrant and hippie like Goa, but it is also paradise for beach lovers and digital nomads. You can also take several day trips from Tulum like visiting world wonder Chichen Itza or visiting colorful town of Valladolid! Everything is so easy to visit from Tulum!

You can easily reach to Tulum in 1.5 hour from Cancun and it’s super affordable too! I would say, you should definitely add it in your Mexico bucket list. 

Tulum Sign Photo spot

The most Instagramable places are on Tulum Beach Strip Road. But remember, town is so much popular and it gets busy during the day!

Read on my guide to the best Instagram spots in Tulum, the best things to do in Tulum and how to maximize your time while exploring the best photo spots! I am including specific locations and all offbeat places so you can plan your Tulum trip easily.


Some Practical Information for Visiting the Best Instagram Spots in Tulum

Before I pen down the blog post, let me share with you some helpful travel tips to visit Tulum.

How to Get to Tulum

Tulum doesn’t have its own airport and you’ll need to fly to Cancun. From there, there are several ways to get to Tulum and the time it takes depends largely on what transportation method you chose.

By Taxi

There are Airport taxis available at Cancun airport which you can book at arrival to take you to Tulum. The ride is about 1.5 hours and is generally $75 USD to $125 USD one way. This is one of the most expensive way to reach Tulum in my opinion! I would suggest not to go for this option!

By Private Transfer

By far the easiest and most comfortable way to get from Cancun Airport to Tulum is by private transfer. You can easily book your private transfer in advance and they will meet you in the arrival hall for the pick up. The cost for a private transfer depends on the group and larger your group, the more it is worth ! You can book your private transfer right here.

By ADO Bus

Tulum is 2 hours from Cancun and you can reach via ADO Bus. ADO is one of the most comfortable options to reach Tulum. The ADO bus has pick up locations at Cancun Airport and you can board the bus directly to Tulum. Make sure you check the ADO Bus website for Bus schedule. You can book the tickets in advance!

By Colectivo

A cheaper option, especially if you’re alone, is to take colectivo Vans(shared shuttle) to Tulum. You can get both the options right at the Cancun airport. The shared shuttle will drop guests off at hotel lobbies which means it might make several stops along the way before dropping you off but it saves so much money! Book your Shared Transfer here.

By Rental Car

if you are planning to visit best photo spots in Tulum, its highly recommended to rent a car and planning to visit more destinations during your Yucatan Road trip. I suggest to book with Discover Cars as they have best deals for the prices and availability for car rentals need.

How to Get around Tulum

Most of the Tulum photo spots I have mentioned in this post are located on the Tulum Beach Strip which is one the best areas to stay in Tulum. It is located 5 km from Tulum downtown, but its tricky to get here from downtown Tulum. There is No Bus service available on the strip.

If you are staying at the Tulum Beach Strip, walking is best option to get around the strip area. Most of the Tulum Instagram spots are located at the Tulum Beach Strip and it’s pretty convenient to walk around !

You can also hire scooter to get around the Tulum area which is better option than walking! The road is narrow and it makes sense to drive scooter ! Many tourists prefer hiring bicycle to get around Tulum but I found it very uncomfortable! Surely it’s good for photo-ops but not for comfort! It gets hot during the day and not advisable to ride the bike in scorching heat!

Also, the road remains pretty chaotic during the day due to heavy traffic, so if possible avoid it later during the day! Overall, walking is pretty safe and good experience. But for far away places I recommend to hire Scooter or car.

If you have a rental car, getting to and from Tulum is incredibly easy.

Parking at Tulum Beach Strip for Best Photo Spots in Tulum

If you are not staying on the strip and need to drive to Tulum Beach Strip to start your day around the Tulum Instagram spots, note that parking in the area is extremely expensive and that spaces disappear quickly in the morning.

You can only park in front of restaurants and resorts if you’re a guest or while dining at the restaurant but you’ll have to move right after you’re finished. If you’re visiting the beach club for a few hours then you may be able to park at the property free of charge.

Parking on the side of the road is not allowed but there are few designated parking lots along the strip where you can leave your car. You have to pay between 100-200 pesos for parking, which is quite expensive! We hired scooter for the day and parked opposite to Ahau hotel for 100 MXN.

Also, make sure to park your vehicle early and than walk along the strip. Plan your itinerary in advance and how you want to spend your time in Tulum!

Tips for Visiting the Best Tulum Instagram Spots

  • Make sure you get to the Tulum Beach Strip as early in the day as possible. This way you can get parking space and you can avoid long queues and traffic of the day!
  • Being tropical destination, Tulum gets very hot and humid during the day, so make sure you visit during the first half of the day!
  • Tulum is very popular with the world travelers, and so the best Instagram Spots in Tulum! Most of the places get crowded by 9:30 AM, and you might have to wait in long line to get the picture you wanted! I suggest to arrive early before the crowd arrives during the day!
  • Check this post for the list of the Instagrammable places in Tulum and make your priority list or I would say craft your own Tulum Photo Walk Itinerary and than hit those Tulum best photo spots. If you’re staying for few days in Tulum, you an visit few each morning to avoid the traffic, crowds, and heat.
  • You will not have any cell phone network on the Tulum strip, so it’s very important to download Google Maps to you phone and mark the spots you want to visit so you can use it in offline mode while exploring the best Tulum Instagram Spots.
  • As the photo spots are located on busy road, you do not have a lot of space to take photos and getting creative! It’s highly beneficial to carry wide angles lenses to shoot the best Instagram Spots in Tulum.
  • Tulum has so many cute cafes and swings in the town! Also, the the restaurant entrances are pretty beautiful ! I am including everything in this post but make sure to buy something when you take pictures! It helps to keep these local businesses open. 

Now, read my guide on most Instagrammable places in Tulum. Most of these are right in the Tulum beach area but there are also a few other places which make for a great day trip when you’re visiting Tulum.These are the 35 most Instagrammable places in and around Tulum.

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36 Best Tulum Instagram Spots for Photos

It looks like every restaurant, hotel, and beach club in Tulum have decided to come up with the design that draws you in. You can capture a photo or take a video of some impressive sculpture, artwork, or building in short walk of Tulum beach strip! The boho vibes of Tulum are flowing with instagrammable places in Tulum everywhere you turn.

Best Tulum Instagram Spots: Sculptures & Hotels

Escultura “Ven a la Luz” : most famous Tulum Instagram Spots

Escultura ‘Ven A La Luz’ is incredibly popular all over Instagram and you may have seen it all over social media! This 10 meter in height statue made with wood, steel and vegetation made by David Popper’s Escultura “Ven a la Luz” represents the unity of people and nature.

famous Instagram Spot in Tulum

Translating to “come into the light” – resembles a woman showing the entrance to her heart ! It is located at Ahau Tulum Beach hotel Sculpture Park(Raw love Tulum entrance), welcoming people to resort by opening her heart – a green walkway for the guests to reach the beach!

You can visit this one of the most Instagrammable places in Tulum alongside other sculptures from Popper and other artists in the same premises. The park is open from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Best time to go: As early as possible to beat the crowds. 

Location: Escultura “Ven a la Luz”

Entrance Fee: $100 MXN pesos ($6)

Raw Love Beach

Just beside the famous Escultura “Ven a la Luz” , you’ll find one of my favorite vegan restaurant in Tulum – Raw Love Beach. Not only its one of the best Instagram spots in Tulum, it’s jungle atmosphere and few steps away from beach makes it perfect for the visit!

The menu consists of only raw dishes, from smoothie bowls to raw Pad Thai. I had their Acai Bowl and Veggie Bowl, and was totally impressed by the quality! Do note they accepts cash only!

Cost: Free but make sure to have at least a drink or smoothie bowl from the café! 

Location: Raw Love Beach

Matcha Mama : Most famous Tulum Instagram spots

One of the cutest Tulum Photo spots, Matcha Mama is also one of the best cafes on the Tulum beach strip and is the perfect place to start your photo walk around the Tulum Beach strip. The cute smoothie bowl and smoothie shop looks exactly like you have seen in photos!

This little hut like café with lovely swings and painted surfboard that is placed outside the shack, bordered by tropical foliage, with the sign “I love Tulum so Matcha” makes it one of the most Instagrammable places in Tulum. As there are two swings available, it’s particularly fun for everyone visiting Tulum to get the photos!

Matcha Mama offers fresh smoothie bowls, cold coconuts, and matcha coffees. So, it’s the perfect place to start your day with a delicious, healthy breakfast. Their Matcha smoothie was delicious!

There are several Matcha Mama locations in Tulum, but the most famous one is in Tulum Beach! The Matcha Mama in Tulum town also features a flamingo wall which is great if you are looking for something pink for your photos!

Best time to go: Matcha Mama is incredibly popular photo spots in Tulum, and will get very busy during the day, especially if you are heading to the Tulum Beach location. In order to beat the crowds, you can arrive when café opens to shoot your pictures.

Hours: Every day from 8 AM to 6 PM, so remember to plan some time to have breakfast or at least a drink while you’re there!

Cost: Free but make sure to order something to support the local business! 

Location : Matcha Mama

Follow That Dream Sign

The Follow That Dream sign is one of the best Instagram spots in Tulum and probably one of the the most photographed signs in the world ! It is exactly as beautiful as you imagine and perfect motivator for your life and to get creative content for Instagram! It is no surprise that it is one of the most Instagramable places in Tulum!

The turquoise “Follow That Dream Sign” is located outside the clothing and gift boutique, Lolita Lolita Tulum.

best photo spots in Tulum Follow That Dream Sign
Follow that Dream Tulum

Above it hangs the canopy of palm trees , so it makes this one of the ultra tropical Tulum photo spots for your Instagram feed!

Tip: You can get photo ops for this Instagram Photo Spot in Tulum by renting a turquoise bike from a nearby store to match the iconic sign! Bikes are available to rent for 24 hours and cost $15 USD. They will ask to keep a piece of ID as a deposit. Rent a pretty bicycle and get Insta-worthy photos or join a Tulum Instagram Photo Tour.

Best time to go: As early in the day as possible. Otherwise, you might need to stand in line for a while to get your photos!

Cost: Free

Location: Follow That Dream Sign at Lolita Lolita Tulum

Selina Tulum  

As you walk the Tulum Beach strip, you’ll come across so many beautiful hotel beach entrances with beautiful arts! One of such best Instagram Spot in Tulum is the entrance to Selina Tulum.

Marked by its huge wooden archway, resembling the shape of the sun and its rays, forms a tunnel that takes you through to the hotel property and provides a fabulous backdrop.

Tulum Best Instagram Spots

Also, if you are looking for visiting budget-friendly beach club option or stay in Tulum, Selina Tulum is a beachfront hotel resort with dorm rooms, private rooms with a beach club that is open to the wider public.

Best Time to Visit: Selina Tulum is not as popular as other spots in Tulum Beach so you can visit it during anytime of the day without having to stand in line.

Cost: Visiting the entrance is free. The minimum spend at the beach club is 1050 MXN ($60 USD). 

Location: Selina Tulum

Soy Tulum (earlier Conestesia) Bunny

If you walk the Beach road, you might miss the Bunny type entrance while you walk! But  the entrance of the Soy Tulum restaurant and beach club is very unique instagrammable places in Tulum.

The entrance to the beach club is fronted by the head of a huge, blue colored palm leaves fringes. You will literally walk into the open mouth of the rabbit when you hit up the beach club. You can click photo in front of the structure with two great big teeth before continuing on your way.

Tulum Photo Spots

Its right on the road, so make sure to click with wide angle lenses and beware of the traffic!

Best time to go: As early as possible: the bunny is quickly becoming one of the most popular Tulum photo spots. The beach club itself is open daily from 10 AM to 11 PM (closing at 5 PM on Sundays).

Cost: Visiting the entrance is free and open anytime during the day!

Location : Soy Tulum Beach Club

Roc Luxe Tulum

The Roc Luxe Tulum is another hotel on the strip with beautiful setting on the beach, in fact when you enter come from Tulum downtown, you’ll come across Roc luxe first!

Its entrance is marked by a gigantic white dome with holes carved all over it that invite sunlight to drop into it! This makes one of the beautiful Tulum Instagram Photo spots and you can play with different photo angles here!

Best Phot Spots in Tulum

Best time to go: This isn’t popular photo spot in Tulum, so you can visit anytime during the day!

Cost: Visiting the entrance is free. The entrance is open to the public 24/7.

Location : Roc Luxe Tulum

Blue Wings at Plaza Kapen Ha

There are so many boutique shops, art cafes, bars and restaurants on Tulum Beach Strip and one such sculpture is located among them is Blue wings! The Blue wings are located at Plaza Kapen-Ha and it has wooden platform to align yourself and get the perfect photo! This is one of the most incredible Tulum Instagram Spots you shouldn’t miss!

As Plaza Kapen Ha is not famous like other photo spots of Tulum, the Blue Wings are not so well-known yet. But you never know how it ay become famous soon!

Best time to go: Anytime during the day or plan meals at Plaza Kapen Ha.

Cost: Free. 

Location: Plaza Kapen Ha

Love Sign” at Hotel BT Live Tulum

Another eye-catching hotel entrance that you’ll want to add into your Tulum Bucketlist is the “Love” sign outside Hotel BT Live Tulum.

Best Tulum Instagram Spots Beach Clubs

The sculpture features colorful artistic representations of local wildlife of Mexico. This is another less famous Tulum Instagram spots to add in your checklist for Tulum Instagram Photo Spots.

Best time to go: As the sign is less busy generally, you can visit it anytime during the day.

Cost: Visiting the sign is free. 

Location : Love Sign at BT Live Tulum 

SFER IK Museum : Lesser Known Best Tulum Instagram Spots

One of the most unique places to visit in Tulum is SFER IK Museum which is best known for connecting art and nature! It connects the spirituality and vital energy of the jungle. It is located at the Azulik Hotel and even if you’re not guest at the hotel, still you can access it !

SFER Ik Tulum Instagram places

Wandering barefoot through the contemporary art museum at Azulik hotel, you feel like you’re in a giant cocoon. The wooden walkways and bridges made of the vine-like bejuco wood with beautiful artwork, while the cement walls open to the bright skies and dense tropical forest. It is surreal and experience world-class art alongside Tulum’s natural jungles.

Best Time to Visit : It is very popular place and gets crowded during the day. Visit early during the day. It is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Entrance fee: 400 MXN, cash only

Location: SFER IK

Tulum Swings

There are so many adorable swings all over the Tulum. Almost every café, restaurant and beach club has a set of swings to sit on and eat/drink on which makes the entire experience even more fun.

But one of the most famous and favorite swings are at Coco Tulum. The black and white swings are right on the beach and with the pristine sand and turquoise water, these swings are one of the best Instagram Spots in Tulum. You can also check out other beach clubs like Alma Tulum Hotel.

Tulum Swings

What is best is that you can spend the entire day at the beach club and enjoy the beautiful ocean view and a few drinks as you are taking photos.

Best Time to Visit: Coco Tulum can get busy as it is a popular beach club. If you want to take photos on the swings here, we recommend going early in the day, around 10:00 AM.

Hours: The beach club is open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Entrance Fee: Entrance is free but there is a minimum consumption of $25 USD during the week and $50 USD on weekends for beach club.

Location: Coco Tulum Beach Club

Blue “Tulum” Sign at Cerveceria Tulum

This huge “Tulum” Sign in every shade of blue, suspended over a small water feature and you can climb up onto the installation and pose for your photos.

The Blue Tulum sign is near the Cerveceria Tulum, best place to enjoy locally crafted beer along with a high-end meal. It’s one of the best Tulum Instagram spots for everyone visiting Tulum!

Best time to go: Make sure to visit early in the morning to avoid line or visit it during lunch time for a meal! It’s open daily, 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM. 

Cost: It’s free to visit the sign and pose on it but you might want to purchase something in the restaurant. Just be prepared that the prices are fairly high as it’s an upscale place.  

Location: Cerveceria Tulum

Vagalume Beach Club

Vagalume is a one of the lesser known beach club in Tulum Beach strip. It is very much like the other beach club, but it has very unique design and beautiful layout! The entrance to Vagalume Tulum Beach Club qualifies as one of the top Tulum Instagram spots due to it levitating hand.

You can enter to the beach club for a couple of hours. The outstanding food, décor and design makes it the reason why you want to visit this most Instagram able places to visit in Tulum. The outdoor beach complex is dotted with cabanas, a swimming Pool and beautiful macrame sun umbrellas.

Instagrammable Places in Tulum

The best photo spot at Vagalume is their bridge which is held by a hand. The bridge leads from the indoor area to the beach and has a beautiful ocean view, making for a Instagrammble place in Tulum.

The theme of the hand is apparent throughout the beach club and even the entrance features a floating hand! If you are short on time, you can easily just stop by and take a photo at the entrance.

Best time to go: The entrance is not as popular as other places in Tulum Beach and you can easily take a photo during the day. If you are looking to take a photo inside the beach club, come early in the morning when it opens as it tends to get busy around noon till sunset. It is open Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM. 

Cost: Visiting the entrance is free. The rental for a bed is 500 MXN ($30 USD) and a minimum consumption required of $150 USD.

Location: Vagalume Tulum

Tulum Downtown

No trip to Tulum is complete without strolling the Tulum Downtown. And trust me it is as beautiful as Tulum Beach area! Just take s leisure stroll around the main road and discover the cute cafes, restaurants , boutique stores and sundowner bars!

Tulum Beach Strip

Also, Tulum downtown is one of the cheapest area to stay in Tulum, you’ll find boutique hotels at decent prices. If you want to buy souvenirs, make sure to buy from here as prices can be less than the touristy beach club area!

Papaya Playa Project

One of the most luxurious hotels in Tulum is the Papaya Playa Project. The hotel is right in the hotel zone with direct access to the beach. The reason why Papaya Playa Project has become Instagram famous is no doubt because of its Jungle nests with a rooftop pool.

The hotel offers a variety of rooms such as ocean-view Cabanas, casitas, loft casitas and jungle casitas with a rooftop pool. Regardless of which casita you are staying at, your room is surrounded by nature with luxury! 

Location: Papaya Playa Project

Holistika Hotel Tulum

Holistika is a yoga and meditation center that is open to the public! It’s located in the Downtown area, and has several beautiful areas to take photos!

Surely You can live by these thoughts!

But it’s major attraction is Art Walk, in fact it is one of the largest open art gallery in Tulum. The art walk takes you on a journey through of creation through paintings and sculptures made by artists from all over the world, that too in the middle of jungle!

Just walk in the area and be with the nature and experience the art in the wilderness.

Location: Holistika Art Walk

Casa Malca – Pablo Escobar’s Estate

Casa Malca is a luxury boutique hotel and restaurant in the Tulum Beach zone and it is famous for being Pablo Escobar’s former mansion. It was purchased by the art gallery owner Lio Malca and he transformed it into a luxury hotel and decorated with pieces from his own art collection. Definitely one of Tulum’s Best Instagram Spots.

The most Instagrammable spot in Casa Malca is without a doubt a giant hanging couch swing lined with hundreds of wedding dresses !

If you are looking to take a photo here but are not staying at the hotel, you will need to spend a minimum of 1000 MXN ($50 USD) at the bar or restaurant. They don’t allow photos with professional cameras but you can take a few photos with your phone.

Best Time to Visit: Casa Malca is not open to the public, you can visit any time of the day without waiting in line. It’s open every day from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

Location: Casa Malca Tulum

Best Tulum Instagram Spots: Beaches & Ruins

Tulum Ruins 

No Travel Guide or Tulum Itinerary is complete without mentioning about Tulum Ruins to learn about the Mayan history of the region.

The Tulum Ruins (also known as the Tulum Archaeological Zone) comprise an ancient Mayan city that was inhabited from around 564 AD and now stands in ruin ! You can see the magnificent Tulum ruins, which stands on high cliffs and offers a perfect view of the Caribbean Sea.

Tulum Ruins - Places to visit in Tulum

Definitely visiting Tulum ruins is one the best things to do in Tulum for photography and history lovers.

How to get there: Drive time from the Tulum Beach Strip to ruins is approximate 15-20 minutes. You can reach via colectivo if using Public transport. But I suggest to book a tour with transport to see the Tulum Ruins to learn more about the old city. 

Book Tulum Ruins & Cenotes Tour.

Best time to go: Arrive as early as possible in the morning as it gets quite hot during the day! The opening hours are daily, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Location: Tulum Archaeological Zone

Playa Paraiso Beach

When you’re looking for the best Instagram spots in Tulum, don’t forget to visit to Tulum beach! There are so many beaches in Tulum but my favorite is Playa Paraiso beach. It is one of the most beautiful ones in the area thanks to the turquoise blue Caribbean water and soft white sand with palm trees!

Depending on the weather, you can walk up and down the entire beach, which is lined with beach clubs, hotels, and resorts!

Best Time to Visit: Sunrise is the best time to take photos as it gets busy during the day! If you are here by car, make sure to park the car in nearby parking space. There is some free parking along the road, or a paid parking lot near the beach.

Entrance Fee: Beach access is free!

Location: Playa Paraiso

Best Tulum Instagram Spots: Restaurants

Clan Destino Cenote & Bar

If you want to visit cenote without paying hefty fees in Tulum, than consider Clan Destino Cenote- Bar. The Cenote has a bar/restaurant built around it, and even a cute little swing over it for the Photos! Th water is blue and it feels amazing to swim here with great cocktails in hand, sounds exciting right!!

Macondo at Nomade

If you want to eat best vegetarian/Vegan dishes in Tulum Beach area, head to Nomade’s Moroccan style restaurant. The hotel and restaurant is designed like Moroccan vibes from floor pillows to hanging lanterns everything is just perfect to click your best Instagram Photos in Tulum.

The food is pricier here, but absolutely delicious & worth to splurge. If dining here is out of your budget, consider stopping by for a drink instead.

They are open for breakfast from 7:30 AM to 11:30 AM and then again for lunch/dinner from 12:30 PM to 10:30 PM. I would suggest to arrive early when it opens else it gets busy during the day!


One of the most eco-friendly hotel in Tulum- Habitas is located right on the beach. It’s restaurant Moro is open to public and restaurant itself is totally Instagrammable places to visit in Tulum.

Staying at the hotels is pricey affair, but if you spend the $50 USD minimum at Moro, you are welcome to spend the rest of the day enjoying the resort’s facilities, including the beachfront infinity pool. Considering the expensive room rates here, this is a great deal to enjoy the luxury on budget.

Azulik Tulum : Kin Toh

A visit to Azulik is truly a magical experience – whether you’re spending a night at the hotel, enjoying a yoga class in their incredible studio, or dining at one of their restaurants.

Their famous restaurant Kin Toh is most famous places to eat in Tulum! Make sure to have reservation well in advance. You’ll find plenty of the best Tulum Instagram spots throughout this property. 

Cetli Restaurant

When you visit the Cenotes in Tulum, Must stop by Cetli Restaurant along the highway. This restaurant serves authentic Mexican aka Yucatan dishes. Apart from food, the design and décor of the place is so beautiful, perfect for the Tulum photo spots!

Though they don’t understand English, but food is delicious here. We had veg mole here and it was the best meal we had during our trip to Mexico! Make sure to stop here when you visit the cenotes!

Beautiful Cafes of Tulum

Tulum is famous for its cutest cafes all around the town! While you walk the downtown or Tulum beach strip, you’ll come across beautifully designed cafes with swings, arts and other décor.

Make sure to dine at one of such cafes for the brunch or breakfast. I visited Cafe Hunab-ku in Tulum Downtown and it was perfect place to grab breakfast ! The portions are huge and it was delicious.

Best Tulum Instagram Spots: Cenotes

Gran Cenote – Most Popular Tulum Instagram Photo Spots

One of the best things to do in Tulum to cool off is to visit a cenote on a hot day! Cenotes are natural sink holes which are filled with water. There are several different types of cenotes, ranging from semi-open to fully open and they are filled with rainwater and water from underground rivers.

Cenotes are a lot of fun and you can easily spend the whole day for Cenotes hopping as there are thousands of cenotes in Yucatan Peninsula! But one of the most famous cenote in Yucatan Peninsula and possibly most visited cenote in Tulum is Gran Cenote. Gran Cenote features two natural sinkholes by underground caves.

Cenotes to visit in Tulum

You can swim here and it’s actually one of the most incredible snorkeling spot with crystal blue water, the possibility to spot turtles, and you can dive here as well. If you are looking to explore the underwater world here and go diving, make sure you book your spot in advance.

Best Time to Visit: The Gran Cenote is very popular and can be quite busy. Make sure you get here right at opening or about 3:00 PM before closing, to have the cenote to yourself. Gran Cenote is open daily from 8:00 AM to 4:45 PM. 

Cost: 500 MXN ($30 USD)

Location: Gran Cenote Tulum

Cenote Calavera

Another best Tulum Instagram Spot in the list is Cenote Calavera. From the top it looks like human skull and it has very small opening on the top! It features a swing and a steep ladder which make for great photo opportunities.

It is slightly offbeat than the other popular cenotes in the area which means you can escape the crowds and explore the swimming hole in your own time.

However, it is very smallest cenote , means even having a few other people hanging in the cenote makes it super hard to photograph it. So if you’re looking to shoot some images without no one else, arrive early!

The cenote is also great if you enjoy diving as the water is crystal clear and around 15-20 feet deep.

Tip: The cenote looks quite small from the outside but once you are in the water, you will see that the cave is quite large. The best way to enjoy the cenote is by jumping in the water. Please be careful when jumping through the smaller holes as they are very narrow and you can injure yourself!

Best time to go: Cenote Calavera is open daily from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. As it’s one of the coolest Instagrammable places in Tulum, it’s best to visit either at opening or right before closing to get beautiful photos.

Cost: 250 MXN ($12.5 US) entrance fee plus a 200 MXN ($10 US) camera fee.  

Location: Cenote Calavera

Cenote Zacil-Ha

The third cenote to visit in Tulum is Cenote Zacil-Ha. This is an open cenote in the middle of the Yucatan jungle with zipline.

The water depth is relatively shallow in comparison with the other cenotes in Mexico and there are two additional swimming pools on the premises if you want to spare more time here!

Cenote Zacil-Ha Tulum

The water is very Azul blue in Zacil-Ha, makes it one of the best Instagram spots in Tulum for kids and families looking for relaxing time without the crowds!

Best time to go: Cenote Zacil-Ha is open daily from 10:00 AM to 5:30 PM. Since it’s one of the lesser-known Instagram spots in Tulum, you can go anytime during the day.

Cost: 300 MXN ($17 USD)

Location: Cenote Zacil-Ha

There are many other beautiful cenotes in Tulum such as Cenote Azul, Cenote Taak Bi Ha and Cenote Dos Ojos. You can visit any which you feel like !

How to Visit the Cenotes in Tulum

There is not much option for public transport to visit cenotes. The cenotes I mentioned are located 15-20 minutes drive from Tulum downtown and it’s best to visit by car. But if you don’t have car, you can visit by renting a scooter. I suggest to avoid bikes as it gets quite hot during the day! Other option is take Cenotes tour which allows you ample time at all the places and you don’t have to worry about the transportation.

Join Triple adventure Cenotes Tour from Tulum.

Laguna de Kaan Luum

Laguna Kaan Luum is just 15-20 minutes drive from Tulum Downtown. Laguna de Kaan Luum is has a long wooden pier and a beautiful, deep cenote in the middle of the lagoon, which is why it’s one of the best photo spots in Tulum. Bonus, it has beautiful hammocks in the middle of the water!

It is bigger than the most of the cenotes in the area, it’s actually more like a Lake! The water is clear and turquoise and water level is shallow ! But make sure to avoid roped off area in the middle of the cenote as its very deep!

Cost : 300 MXN (16.5 USD). The Laguna de Kaan Luum is open from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM.

Best Instagram Spots Near Tulum

Chichen Itza

One of the best Instagram spots near Tulum and also one of the New Seven Wonders of the World is Chichen Itza. In 1988, Chichen Itza was named one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and in 2007, it was voted as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. If you have time, visiting and taking a photo here is a must!

Visiting Chichen Itza Mexico

The main temple in Chichen Itza is known as El Castillo and is incredibly beautiful and will make for a great Instagram photo backdrop. The site is full of history and worth exploring to get a better understanding of the Mayan culture.

Read → Chichen Itza Travel Guide before your visit!

Best time to go: For the perfect Instagram shot, arrive in the morning or just before closing time in the afternoon. This allows you to explore the place by yourself and also to avoid the heat. It can get very hot here and there is not a lot of shade. Try to avoid visiting on Sunday as its free for Mexican Nationals and people who have Yucatan ID.

Hours: Daily from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Last entry at 4:00 PM.

Entrance Fee: The Chichen Itza entrance fee is 614 MXN (34 USD) for foreign adults. It’s free to visit on Sunday for Mexican Nationals and people who have Yucatan ID. You should bring Mexican cash to buy the tickets! Make sure you bring your ID if you are wanting to pay with credit card.

Location: Chichen Itza

Check out this popular tour option to visit Chichen Itza that includes the transportation as well as a guided tour of this famous site.

Cenote Suytun

One of the most Instagrammable places around Tulum is the Cenote Suytun. It is famous for having sunrays shine through a small opening in the cave ceiling, illuminating a the Platform where you can take incredible photos!

The cenote is most popular Cenotes to visit in Yucatan and you may have seen in photos and seeing the sunrays shine through the cave is incredible.

Cenote Suytun

Note that the Platform is not always under water. As the cenotes are filled with rainwater and with the underground river system, the water levels are usually higher during the wet season. During dry season, you will not find the Platform underwater. I visited in May, and the platform was not under water.

Tip: If you are planning to swim here, you are required to wear a life vest. Life vests cannot be taken off at any time, not even for photos.

Best Time to Visit: The best time to visit the cenote to see the sunrays is around 12 Noon to 1:00 PM. This is when the sunrays hit the platform. It’s open from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Entrance Fee: $120 MXN pesos ($6.05 USD) per person. Entrance includes life vests.

Location: Cenote Suytun


If you are still looking for Best Instagram Photos in Tulum, than head to Valladolid- Mexico’s most magical, vibrant and colorful town, you can say pueblo magicos. Valladolid is 1.5 hrs from Tulum and it can easily visited along with Chichen Itza.

One of the best things to do in Valladolid is just walking around the town! You’ll discover the colorful streets, churches, authentic Mayan dishes and beautiful cenote in the town! It is truly Photographer’s paradise and best Instagram Spots.

Book this Tour that includes Chichen Itza, Valladolid and Cenote visit from Tulum.

Coba Archeological site

One of the lesser known places to visit around Tulum is Coba Mayan Ruins. This is the one of the largest Mayan archeological site in Yucatan Peninsula dates back to 2nd century. In fact, it has the highest Pyramid (Nohoch Mul Pyramid) in the Yucatan towering 137 feet in height. Ans you can still climb the Pyramid unlike the Chichen Itza.

Apart from the Ruins, you can visit three cenotes nearby it : Cenote Multan-Ha, Cenote Choo-Ha, and Cenote Tankach-Ha. These are most incredible places to visit near Tulum. Coba Cenotes are most beautiful among the cenotes in Yucatan Peninsula.

Cost : 100 MXN ($5)

Book this Coba Ruins Tour from Tulum that includes Cenote swim.

Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve

One of the most picturesque and unique Places to visit in Tulum is Sian Ka’an Biosphere reserve in Tulum. From the thick Yucatan jungle, freshwater marshes extends through the series of lagoons all the way to Caribbean sea !

It was recognized by Mayans thousands of years ago and its beauty is still intact till date! This is one of the best things to do in Tulum to know more about the unique eco system of the Sian Ka’an!

Muyil Ruins

Are you looking for more Tulum Instagram spots? The Muyil Ruins are one of the most underrated places to visit near Tulum.

The ruins are small but its fantastic experience to visit as you’ll hardly find any tourists on the site! Muyil is the most notable pre-Hispanic settlements of Sian Ka’an from 300 AD that spreaded across the jungles of Rivera Maya. The main Castillo is 57 feet high and its most remarkable structure.

There are plenty of Mayan Ruins to visit during your stay in Tulum, But visiting Myuil ruins can be very different experience. Visit it during the morning as it gets hot in afternoon.

The Best way to explore Sian Ka’an & Muyil Ruins are via Tours as there is No public transport options available to visit both the sites. Take this Sian Ka’an and Muyil Ruins Tour(highly rated on Viator).

Where to Stay in Tulum

There are so many great places to stay in Tulum for every type of budget. But basically you’ve two options : Tulum Hotel Zone or Tulum Downtown.

Downtown Tulum is bit laid back and you can find dozens of restaurants, shops, and other amenities in the town!

While the most beautiful area is Tulum Beach Strip(Tulum Hotel Zone), which is 5 kms from the town. The strip runs along the beach till Tulum Archaeological Park with all properties with seafront access. I recommend choosing accommodation in this area because most of the Tulum Instagram spots are located here.

Best hotels in Tulum

Luxury : La Valise Tulum | Casa Malca

Mid Range : Alaya Tulum | Zamas Hotel

Budget : Dos Ceibas Tulum | Hotel Casa Tortuga Cenotes (Includes free entry to one of the most beautiful cenotes)

Hope you like this Post on Best Tulum Instagram Spots! If you visit Tulum and find new spots, let me know in comments! Pin it for the later!

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