About Me

My Favourite Quote:

“The most dangerous risk of All – The risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to Do it later.”

Hello!! Everyone!! Welcome to My blog. I am just another blogger like you.

Who is Rahee?

I am Mayuri, Born and brought up in Gujarat,India working as full time engineer at Gujarat State Government. My family defines me as a travelholic as I always think and dream about travel and find chances to travel.

I was never wayfarer; I didn’t take any trip in India until I was 23 years old. After coming back with my first trip to Rajasthan in 2011, I fell in Love with travelling. Then gradually my trips to different places in India converted to lust and passion and became a tourist to traveler. In the past 5 years, my journey through India took me to the 15 states/3 union territories (counting doesn’t matter only memories matters).

I am not an avid traveler or ‘Digital Nomad’ or I want to be. I travel with my full time job, so plans it well in advance. I love my Desk job which gives me steady income for my travel and feel free to do the things which I wanted to do. Also it may happen that you can eventually get bored by travelling in few years as you get bored at the job or doing the same thing for years. So in every aspect routine is lethal, so just break the routine which I am doing by travelling. This is my way of thinking.

I explore different places in my leaves and weekends. I mostly travel alone or with family/ friends or with someone who wants to just as I do. I am at ease in being tourist or traveller or both. It does happen that after staying at home for one or two months or I get bore from my job, I burn with strong desire to explore a new place.

Why Fernwehrahee?

My travel style is budget and affordable luxury type. I travel to famous tourist places (bucket list items) to some offbeat routes to little quiet towns (I hate Crowd). I am not much fond of trekking, hiking but love to spend my time in enjoying the beauty of Himalayas (I can never get bored of Mountains), love to get tanned on sandy beaches, Star gazing, getting lost in quiet streets, plucking farm fresh fruits and clicking lot of photographs. I can walk for miles for best Sunrise and sunset views. (I love sunset view from my home)

I wish to go as many places as I can and want to try different cuisines, experiencing different cultures and meeting new people on the way.

Fernwehrahee is all about inspiring you to travel and how you can balance the travel along with family, full time job and household life. I want to break the myth that household life and professional career cannot be hindrance to your travelling especially for woman like me. I must say take every opportunity to travel, if you cannot go far, go and roam around in your own city, you will see it differently. My blog is all about travel destinations with approximate budget, snapshots of my travel, vegetarian food and few travel stories and my experiences along the way, may  it can ease your travel.

“Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important you do.” –Mahatma Gandhi.

Never forget the world is yours to discover and travel, if you wish to do so. Keep travelling, keep learning, and keep living!!

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